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Basketball hoop extra hold-downs

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  • Basketball hoop extra hold-downs

    We recently set up the new portable basketball hoop.
    It is certainly getting a lot of use.

    It is fairly well built and the tank and wheels hold about 28 Gallon of water.

    I am thinking to add extra hold downs without modifying the structure of the frame.

    Before starting on this project I would like to request comments from those experienced with concrete anchors,
    as I have not used ones this large before.
    The photos are of the hoop and I have drawn what I am thinking of, in green chalk.

    The proposed hold downs will be two inverted U frames of welded tube, one at front and one at rear.
    They will attach to existing bolts on the portable frame.
    The rear one will have braces that go up to some bolts on the pole to add stiffness to the pole.
    The tube is 1.625 inch steel from the frame of a disused swing set.

    The 5/8 inch concrete wedge anchors have female 1/2 inch threads and are flush with the concrete surface.
    That is so I can put the hoop away and leave the concrete with no protrusions.

    The Anchors have datasheet ratings at about 1000 lb ( 500 kg). They have to be spaced by 7 inches.
    The concrete parking lot is about 15 years old and is reinforced.

    I am thinking to use foot plates on the tubing braces with two anchors on each corner of the water tank,
    for a total of 8 anchors. The 1/2 inch screws might be flat head stainless.

    Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

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    My suggestion is you lose the water tank, and embed the whole thing in concrete. If its getting the usage time that you say, the players will come to hate the tank, and any protrusions, for its uncanny ability to get in the way. I'm thinking that setting a pipe in a hole, and use some sort of slip-fit/coupling arrangement. Your plan will certainly work, but plan on many twisted ankles from fast moving teenagers! Think about the troubles Dr. J would have on your court!


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      Hi Millwrong,
      Yes, I looked at the permanent types.
      They cost over $1200 for the kit, also here the concrete footing is extra, has to be 42 inch deep with a reinforcing cage, and permitted/inspected, as I understand. -Out of my budget and ability.

      I spoke to neighbor who has had a water ballasted portable type for 20 years. He said it blew over sometimes , breaking the back board, so they try to lay it down if wind is forecast.