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Grizzly Flex Shafts - worthwhile?

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  • Grizzly Flex Shafts - worthwhile?

    Grizzly has a Flexible shaft grinder on sale for only $41.95!!! Does anyone have one of these (the Grizzly brand)? Good or POS? The price waves a little red flag in front of me that says, "You get what you pay for!"

    Stuart de Haro

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    I have a HF version of this flex shaft, I use it a lot. The wood carvers have big brand name for the one they use, but they all look the same.

    The price is right for this unit. HF was $49.95 on sale. Check with you local wood crafters about prices on the Foredom Flex Shaft Tool.


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      I think they are the same as Harbor Freight. They sure look the same. Have a couple of the Harbor Freight flex tool. They are okay but not the same quality as the Foredom. I have had problems with the flex shafts on the Harbor Freight ones. One was defective and pulled out of the end piece the other I twisted off.

      Having said that I ordered three of the Grizzly unit this morning. I consider them throwaways when they brake. The replacement flex shafts are $18 plus shipping.



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        I use a Foredom shaft and handpiece on a cheap motor...At the price it seems worth picking up the grizzly for the motor and if the flexshaft gives you problems update to a Foredom shaft assembly.