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Way OT The Great Asparagus Patch wildfire in BC

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  • Way OT The Great Asparagus Patch wildfire in BC

    So the major wildfire of the year here in BC, known by a PC name in the media but referred to by some in the know as "The Great Asparagus Patch wildfire" slowly and then rapidly made it's way in my bundoc home's general direction. As of now it may or may not have passed through my area and therefor the house and shop may or may not have survived. The regional district [similar to a county] is being verrrrry economical with information, although there is lots of info on their various rules and directives on the internet.

    Every bush road access is blocked and sadly the police mustered in are not local so often know little about what is happening although they are helpful as far as possible. I have talked to several at different road blocks that have driven through my area in ordinary squad cars 3 days ago so the media stories about impassable roads seem farfetched. They reported no hazards or dangers, the fire is long gone.

    The regional district, however, is sticking to their story that it is very dangerous to go there but their "rapid response team" might have finally chanced it today. They have developed a long. laborious and detailed process to eventually decide on whose property is damaged and they may in fact contact the victims this week, or next. In talking to them they seem perplexed that people would be in a hurry to know the fate of their property. I asked them when we can return and the lady laughed and said "oh, dear, we haven't even begun to think about that at all!" So, we wait...

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    Anxious time for you. I hope your property has made it through.
    Was there much of a clearing around your place to act as some kind of fire break?
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      Wish you the best.


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        Originally posted by jd99 View Post
        I asked them when we can return and the lady laughed and said "oh, dear, we haven't even begun to think about that at all!" So, we wait...
        It's good to hear that this government worker is managing to cope with your current state of anxiety and possible losses in such a healthy manner.
        Good for her, I think she's going to be OK.

        I hope things work out for you.


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          My heart goes out to all of the many thousands who have been forced to leave or worse, loose their homes in this, the worst year in British Columbia forest fire history. Close to 900,000 hectares (well over 2 million acres) have now been ravaged by fire, the worst since 1958 when 855,000 hectares burned.

          In my area, after the wettest spring that I can remember with 2-300% above normal rainfall for 3 months, followed by record flooding we now have had 60-90 days of record setting highs and little if any rain. Lots of thick brush and tall grasses dried out to within an inch of lighting itself.
          What the lightning hasn't set ablaze the careless campers, smokers, and arsonist have.

          We need a major rain event now to save what hasn't burned already. The fires are just too big and numerous for man to stop it now without help from above.
          I hope you are spared JD99, my thoughts are with you and all of the thousands who have been displaced.
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            I just phoned them and they will say nothing about anything. Maybe it's tomorrow,
            now that they will release the list. Or not. Of course Thursday is almost the weekend...
            Sometimes you can wiggle a little out of people but in this case they have obviously
            been strongly admonished to obey the policy [they don't like the word policy though.]
            So, come hell or no water the policy is sacrosanct. Oh, well, at least they stand for

            Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. My policy is to really appreciate it.

            To answer a question, yes, all the dead trees were removed and a formerly well
            treed lot now only had 5 or 6 trees left.


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              That has received virtually NO newspaper coverage down here, which I am surprised about. We had coverage about the last big fire season up there. No idea why we don't now, aside from the obvious political crap that displaces other news. I did not know there was a big fire season in Canada, and I read the paper every day.

              I hope they let you folks back in, to a pleasant surprise, soon.

              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                you canadians exported the smoke from those fires to us down here in washington.
                it was smoky and smelly for a good week, at high noon the sun was a tiny orange red ball.

                (and, here, south of the border, we spell "bundoc" differently- we say "Boondock". A "bundoc" is a veterinarian for rabbits.)


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                  (and, here, south of the border, we spell "bundoc" differently- we say "Boondock". A "bundoc" is a veterinarian for rabbits.)

                  Bundoc means mountain in the Philippines. During the turn of the 19th century unpleasantness
                  there Americans appropriated the term and spell it boondocks etc. Bundoc is the original word.


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                    The wife was reading an article recently that was reporting about a resident of Fort McMurray who's house burned in the fire last year. Apparently they took the insurance money and moved to BC, only to have their property here destroyed in the fire.


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                      Well I defeated the evil regional district's clampdown and
                      found a back way through. My house, shops, truck, car, tractors
                      quad, trailer etc etc everything is a total loss.

                      Neighbor behind, no damage at all, neighbor other side,
                      totally fried.


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                        Wow! Sorry to hear about the loss. Maybe some equipment will be salvageable.


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                          No, everything is comprehensively fried. The highest part of my shop is the
                          milling machine.


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                            Sorry to hear that, that really is terrible news.

                            Was in Ukiah OR Saturday night, bar was full of firefighters.
                            I kid you not, they had a crew from Alberta there ! ! What the heck? And we are bringing in firefighters from as far away as Mexico !


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                              I VERY sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you and your family are OK.