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  • Disrespectful younger generation

    I ran into an old work acquaintance with wife and grand daughter at the local coffee shop

    He introduced his family, we made small talk (stilted pleasantries you could butter on bread.) They asked if I was widowed. I said no I was keeping company with a fine lady, Barbara Miller, 30 years. Etc. Oh how nice. Etc.

    Smart-alec 15 year old grand daughter pipes up. "That makes you a trophy geezer."

    Shocked apologies on one side. Me laughing myself into hiccups in the other.

    Damn disrespectful younger generation. Great line, timing, and delivery though. Hit all the targets in six words. Be fun to have her around to liven up family dinners.

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    Old geezerism can be fun if done correctly.



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      Great story with 15 year old.

      The neighbor lady came over with her 10-11 year old grandson. He and I are great friends and he gives me a hug. I said don't squeeze to hard it will make me pee. He said when I hug grandma, she farts.


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        oooooh I never thought of myself as a trophy anything but now I'm one [chest puffed out]. Wanna bet my other half doesn't see it that way?


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          They hand out participation awards for everything these days lol.

          Cheers to being a trophy geezer.


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            You thread got locked on the other site.
            How respectless.


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              My lady is 20years younger than me...........Must be an Engineer thing!
              Man who say it cannot be done should not disturb man doing it!


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                Disrespectful yes.
                Nice thing though about dealing with someone who shoots straight from the hip is that you definitely know where you stand. Even better is the fact it has now become a two way street. As geezers we have obtained enough street smarts and wit over the years to easily make a young mouthpiece wish that they had kept their mouths closed.
                Sometimes humiliation is a better teacher than mom and dad, often times it's all they understand.
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                  Get off my lawn!!


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                    Told the grandkid to not come in here, I'm taking a shower. Grandkid: "That's ok, I won't laugh."


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                      Personally I enjoy a witty or smart-alec comment like that. That's one of the finer spices in life, and brings some flavor to what might otherwise be a bland ordinary day.

                      I'd bet the 15 year old's reason for the comment was to make you laugh, and she did. Good for her, and good on you for seeing the humor in it!
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                        Definitely bumper sticker material.

                        Stick THAT on the back of your Crown Vic........
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                          W-a-a-a-a-it a minute: I wonder if she mean "atrophy geezer?" Cruel but closer to the truth. OTH, she seemed mischievous but kind, sweet tempered, good hearted. Didn't seem to have a cruel or nasty bone in her body.

                          Nope. Too fancy a word play for a kid however clever. I'm gonna go with "a trophy geezer."


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                  "Great Moments in Sitcom History: A Eulogy" - Kempt's 5-part serie...


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                              just a random member of the family!!!!

                              Originally posted by BigMike782 View Post
                              My Granddaughter is now 6. She has always known me as grumpy granddad. My daughter is a single mum entirely by her own choice. A few weeks ago they were visiting and my daughter called me Dad. Granddaughter immediately chimed in with" He is actually your Dad ???? I thought he was just a random member of the Family!!! " So from now on I guess I will be known as just a Random member of the family ! regards to all David Powell.