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Hobart Handler Welder Problem

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  • Hobart Handler Welder Problem

    I posted in the general forum since I think it gets looked at more frequently than the welding forum.
    My maybe 10 year old Hobart handler has developed a problem in that the consumable wire is always hot, even when the machine is switched off! I have to be careful where I put the gun down to be sure it is not anywhere near the grounded work which is sometimes difficult when I'm working on my welding table. The machine will also make a buzzing noise when it is off so I think a relay or something is stuck. It had this problem last year as well and I took it to the used tool place as they said they could fix it although I did have some doubts that they were going to be able to do the job. It worked fine after I got it from them but the problem is back so I wonder if they really "fixed" anything. Anybody have any ideas on what I can look at, other than a new welder? Thanks for any help!

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    Gazz: Hope you have better luck than I did. My Handler 170 was giving me fits, so i took it to a shop that works on them, It is part of a local welding supply business. Turned out that the hose was bad. Total cost was $350.00. It does work nice now, so what can I say? Good luck.



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      The handler has a relay that turns the power on to the transformer when you pull the trigger and sometimes they weld themselves closed. The relay is mounted on a small circuit board and has to be desoldered and a new on replaced. Its a common relay and can be ordered from most supply houses. If you need help with it I can, I have replaced these relays many times.


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        Maybe the relay needs to energise a heavier contactor or have a snubber across its contacts as a longer term fix.

        Said he, with an Inverter set that welded its power switch on, then welded the mains switch on when he used that as a temporary replacement.
        Location- Rugby, Warwickshire. UK


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          Thanks for the replies. When I had this problem last year, I did buy what I thought was the correct replacement relay but it was not. I didn't buy through Hobart but from an electronics supply house. I guess I will check with Hobart directly. I am not at all impressed with my local (and essentially ) the only welding supply place.