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  • Say, Evan, Gotta Question For You

    You remember that discussion about some of the new "features" which were supposed to be in Longhorn we had some months back? You wouldn't happen to be able to provide me with a link to a website discussing those "enhancements" would you?

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    There are a lot of changes to how things "work". DRM implemented in hardware is a big part of the plan.

    For the MS perspective try here:

    For the sceptical perspective try here:
    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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      Thanks, I'm in an argument with a nitwit on another message board about the whole thing. He seems to think that M$ has our best interests at heart, and that no comapny would ever do anything to screw over the consumer, or make a bad business decision. Guess he's never heard of the Ford Pinto or New Coke.