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Position of the parting tool

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  • Position of the parting tool

    I'm curious as to why the parting tool is often positioned on the back side of the work. I have mine at the front and it hasn't caused any problems. If it's at the back, don't you have to invert the tools or spin the work in oposite direction?


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    Yes, you invert the tool. Then the work is pushing the tool down against the cross slide rather than trying to pull it up off the cross slide, resulting in much less chatter, according to those who have done it. I haven't, but I plan to. It's about number 27 on my list.


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      If you have cut off tool on backside it has to be upside down. Spindle ran in forward rotation. Got to watch for those threaded spindle.

      When mounted on backside they are out of the way. Also the gibs on the back of the carriage are often tighter on an old worn machine than the front. Worked for an old timer who often ran things upside down and backwards, he said the top side of the old sleeve bearings were in better shape than the lower half.

      Oh well, and then there is the top mounted slide for the Hardinge 2nd op machines.