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Mill/Lathe combo in FL $3500

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  • Mill/Lathe combo in FL $3500


    I saw this while looking for items.. Jump on it if ya are local...

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    Looks like an $800 lathe to me, pot luck on the Bridgeport but probably like the lathe or worse (since it's not the one pictured...seller's usually show the "better" machine)


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      probably is a 800 lathe, ad says bridgeport has a shaper attachment too thou..

      I have been looking for a place to post the extra machines we have..

      I have even looked into posting my own website with items in more detail than I do the ebay auctions..

      Looks like 7-15$ a month hosting.. w/no search engine submission


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        "BRIDGEPORT, milling machine w/shape, attac trison rapido jr machine, lathe w/some toolin, $3500 for the pair, 352-493-1389, 352-535-5171 or 352-493-1201."

        What does "attac trison rapido jr machine" mean?

        If this was in my neighborhood I'd definitely have a look. A B'port with shaper head. Not sure what the lathe is, but it looks heavy duty and not recent Asian import.


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          DR, the name sounds and the machine looks, Italian or Spanish to me. Some exceptions, like Graziano, but most Italian or Spanish lathes are not hittin on much...and as orphan as orphan gets over here.

          Not to mention the "sitting on a trailer outside, already rusty and getting rustier" factor. Hence, low value.

          (btw, on the subject of "it looks like" it always kills me on these Equipment sites and many Traderonline sites, the way they have "click image for modified view".

          So you do, assuming a much larger image, and the 'modified view' is ~exactly the same size~ as the original view. What's that all about ??)

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            Gems are found in miss spelled and poorly advertised ads.

            Sometimes it is "OUR" wives selling off our treasures after we pass away or just run away..

            My poor wife would not have a clue what to do with all the junk. It'd be described as such.. "Greasy items that are too heavy to haul off"

            Hmm.. better watch the newspapers..

            Sorry guys, I am not done with my toys yet..

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              David, have you been feelng poorly? Give your wife my phone number!


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                Mine was wondering what it would cost her to have all that junk hauled off, or if you could just move and sell it with the house/garage without having to pay off the rest of the mortgage.
                One reason my daughter gets my guns...
                David from jax
                A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Gems are found in miss spelled and poorly advertised ads.</font>
                  That's how I found my lathe.


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                    I can see it now, she gives the cnc to the junk man to make room for a chest type freezer.........

                    Ha.. I'll haint it... ghost in the machine.. I got more time in it then I do my bed I think..

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             501& rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

                      Notice, it says bridgport in title.. not a bargain thou..



                      ANother example, this is a bender.. a nice one.. they think it is a tugger..

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