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    I like the idea of auto flywheels. They are made from excellent quality cast iron. Most cars and light truck have automatic transmissions now. I suspect flywheels will be hard to find in a few years.

    Weights for barbells have no metallurgical requirements for the metal. Most are cast in China. I would suspect they are poor quality iron with lots of graphite. If the molds were opened too soon there will be a very hard skin. Would one really want to invest time in trying to make a gear from this questionable material?

    Surely there are steel fabricators in Scotland. One could burn a gear blank out of plate, complete with lightening holes (for chucking also). Most can accept DXF files of the part. If you have a torch you could burn out the circle yourself. Most fabricators have a pile of drop ready to be sent to a scrap yard. That would be cheaper than buying new plate.


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      I know it is infringing the cultural mores of this site to say anything positive about anything from China but in my experience the only downside of using barbell weights is the black mess when turning the skin off.

      On the other hand they are very cheap in charity shops, garage sales etc etc.


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        How about a sprocket for the blank.

        Here is one on


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          Just spotted this on thingiverse, passing it along!