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  • Iron Fever pictures

    I visited the Iron Fever Expo in York PA Saturday. I arrived about 1:30PM, too late for the HSM gathering.

    I did meet a lot of friendly folks, who were very willing to talk about their projects, and allowed me to take their pictures. I was VERY surprised by the number of them that had never visited the HSM webiste. They read the magazines, but didn't know about wealth of information on the HSM website.

    The original images were 4 megapixels. I limited the uploaded images to 640x480 to save space and download time.

    There are two albums, Iron Fever 1 and Iron Fever 2


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    Hey Great Pictures!! I got ther about 9am on Sat. and was surprised that it was much smaller and less crowded than "Cabin Fever" in the spring. At first I was disappointed but it was so much nicer being able to move around and talk with people. I really think I enjoyed it more even though I saw less. I had a great time and will be back in the spring too. Fred


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      It was a pleasure to meet you, and the other board members at the show Saturday. Thanks for stopping at my display. Now I know some of the faces behind the names. Great pics from the show.
      BTW the summer show is less crowded than the winter show. It gives me a chance to see what the others are doing.


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        Hey nice pictures.... look like some that I took,but didn't get posted yet. I will soon. Good to meet PolskiFran, Cecil, StephenK, Mbensema, BillB, and Neil. We left about 3:30, got home this afternoon. Long trip. just under a thousand miles round trip, but at least we didn't have to drive through the huricane's remains.
        Thanks for the hat Cecil!