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    What parameters should be considered when selecting and end mill, in terms of choosing either a two or four flute. Obviously center cutting types are required for plunge cuts, but otherwise, I'm ignorant.

    Anyone want to help a dummy out with this?

    John B

    John B

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    As you know, I am no expert.
    If your doing aluminum or plastic, then you need something that will get the chips out of the way in a hurry, and not clog. Two flutes tend to do this better. The amount of twist that the flutes take also has some bearing on it. The catalogs that sell cutting tools are a great place to start. They give you the basic's of what to use.
    David from jax
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      There are so many different style of end mills to choose from...Each end mill is designed for different applications..You really need a good inventory of different styles of cutters..

      If money is a problem, then try 3 flute end mills..I use these quite often and they work fantastic..

      Aluminum should use 2 flute end mills..but a high-helix endmill is best....

      The old rule of thumb was: 2 flute for aluminum and plastic, 4 flute for steel..this is a general rule of thumb, but it is really not ideal...try using a 4 flute end mill doing a slot in mild steel..chances are that the chips will clog the flutes up, so a 2 flute would be better in this situation...mild steel can be stringy...If you have the $$$ then buy 2 and 4 flutes of every endmill that you purchase..And then you will gain a lot of knowledge through experience...



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        Two-flute end mills are better for cutting slots. A four-flute end mill, when cutting a slot, will tend to cut more on one side than the other because the tooth cutting at the front of the slot will tend to push the end mill sideways while there is a tooth at 90 degrees to it that can cut the side of the slot. With a two-flute end mill, the end mill will tend to get pushed sideways too, but when there is a tooth at the front of the slot pushing sideways, there is no tooth at 90 degrees to cut on the side of the slot.

        (I find it still works better when cutting a slot to make an initial pass with an end mill somewhat narrower than finished size, then do a finiish pass.)
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          So far, I think 2 flute mills are less prone to clogging.. soft metal loves them.

          I use them for aluminum and UHMW.

          Notice cutting speed in ipm is rated per cutting edge..

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