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Inexpensive Rotatory Table Recommendation

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  • Inexpensive Rotatory Table Recommendation

    Title says it all, can anybody recommend a decent rotary table that wont break the bank? Im looking for something in the 3-4 inch range, its going on a mini mill. I honestly dont need something super precise, all ill really be doing with this is cutting decorative radii on the ends of piece, no circular hole indexing or any other precision-dependent tasks. Ideally id like to keep the price under $100

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    I bought a never used 24" 4 jaw chuck with the backing plate & wrench for $5 at a local machine shop retiring auction. It was the lot after the lathe it fit, guess the guy wasn't into 4 jaws. I knew the owner & it was on they original skid & had been stored under the lathe cabinet all these years.
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      I have a feeling you already know what everyone is going to say


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        The above forum post has a small 4" RT for sale.

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          I keep thinking "didn't we do this already?". Then I recall the brief time with the new software when we posted a bunch of stuff.


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            Originally posted by BCRider View Post
            I keep thinking "didn't we do this already?". Then I recall the brief time with the new software when we posted a bunch of stuff.
            We did, then it all floated off to neverland


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              It'll be back in good time.


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                I suspect that the database will be reinitialized when they switch us to the new software again. Those 4 days of messages are likely to be lost forever.
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                  While I can't make a specific recommendation for a rotary table, I will recommend you make a nice fixture plate for it. I made a 7 inch fixture plate
                  for my 6 inch rotary table:

                  This increased the working surface from 28 square inches to 49 square inches. The threaded holes simplify clamping compared to the T-slots in
                  the rotary table. By leaving the fixture plate square, the corners provide extra reach for clamping:

                  Since this is not intended to be a sacrificial plate always raise your workpiece a little when cutting all the way through as shown above. When
                  deciding on what size plate to make, make sure the corner of the plate won't hit the crank on the rotary table or the mills column. A 3 inch
                  rotary table provides 7 square inches to work with, a 4 inch fixture plate will provide 16 square inches. With a table that small, every inch


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                    Nicely done Rich!


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                      I have bought several tools from Phase II including a 6" HV Rotary Table. It's been so long that I forget what I gave for it but it included the tail stock and dividing plates. It is a very nice, well made piece of equipment.

                      I also bought a 3" RT several years ago from Harbor Fright. I gave $79.00 for it and it was a POS made in India.

                      I saw where Little Machine Shop sells a 4" Phase II RT listed at $350.00.

                      This may be one of those areas where more money spent up front will save a lot of time and frustration down the road.

                      All the best,