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Wells-Index Centroid cnc.. ANY Information please...

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  • Wells-Index Centroid cnc.. ANY Information please...

    I got the new mill moved.. Got it powered back up 3 phase. I crushed one flex to the top Z motor but it runs fine now.

    NO Clue.. It says Centroid Cenncomm 1993 on the software. Running on a industrial At style computer 3 1/2" disc drive, internal hard drive, Monochrome monitor, no graphics. No book, It was grabbed by someone at the auction before it got to me.

    Mill is Model 800 Wells-index mill.

    Sigma Servo motors that I wish were on my machine, thou my bridgeport is faster on the G00 moves.

    Right now, this is a very fancy drill press.

    IF YOU GO to move one of these, these rascals are really heavy.. It folded a 2 ton cherry picker up like a paper airplane. We unloaded it with a wrecker and the front wheels were light..

    ANyone got any documentation? SHould I contact the factory? I found them on the net..

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    Pictures of the milling machine.. ANy information will be appreciated as to the actual value or control operation.. It looks to be operated via 232 port to a controller below the Industrial computer. SO much for working with turbocnc or other more modern software, thou Mach2 could run it by drip feed or any other computer w/232 port.

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      This guy Mebfab(remove this) has a Santec with the same control (I think)

      Still calling an engine hoist a cherry picker I see...tisk tisk


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        Btw, what does Centroid themselves have to say about it ?


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          I could have used a "CHERRY PICKER" last week. We stood five bucks of scaffolds up next to a house on a hill, screw jacks under all 4 feet. I don't know why people call them that, just do..

          Just swaying in the wind, climbing up, hanging on with one arm and placing next buck.. whoo hoo did I forget how much I loved that..

          Mostly since I am still not well I was just a ground man, cutting masonite and sending tools up..

          Getting radiation treatment today or? that does not allow me to work Nuclear jobs for a few weeks.. I could not get through the portal to go home. they'd keep me.

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            Congrats on your new mill. I have a Index 745 (manual mill) and am very happy with it. I have had good luck with the folks in MI they were very helpful when I contacted them about a problem that I had with the slotting head that I have with my mill.

            Thanks Keith
            Cheers Keith


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              I have a 747 manual mill, but i know someone who has 2 cnc wells index mills ,ill ask for info.


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                Thanks IO..

                this one is a 800 if that helps any. I still prefer my Bridgey home-brewed machine.. more bells and whistles and sparkly paint....

                HEY.. I got two fo one pic, and one that don't belong.. ha.. alztymers? Well spelling at least..

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                  And Centroid said ??


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                    I was going to get all the data off the controller first.. It has several small legend plates in the dark motorcycle shop...

                    Probably end up taking rubbings off it.


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                      I hear ya.

                      Btw, if your 'folded like a paper airplane' engine hoist got it's hydraulic ram bent like a bananna in extented position, these can be bent back in a press, and it will be fine...been there, done that !


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                        NO, the lower legs wrinkled and bent over.
                        It was quite exciting. It sat down right there..

                        We then removed the ram and slide and pivot off the top. I unwired it so I could replace it and it actually work.

                        The base, bed, controls came off with a wrecker from a dovetail type trailer. The wrecker is a old dodge with pivoting booms and pto winch. The booms were locked together. I kept telling them, don't hook there.. don't hook there.. don't hook there.. They kept wanting to wrap a chain around under the bed.. Over and over and over.. How I finally got thier attention was saying "go ahead, I can get $50 for the servo motors on ebay.."

                        Finally about 11:30, I didn't care if it came off in pieces or together.

                        It all worked out, the spindle got bumped a lil (scratched but runs true), it is a kwik switch 200, and the flex to the Z motor got crushed.. and my paitience got tried..

                        I got it all back together and working. (much to my amazement).

                        OUR chainfall and Aframe would not straddle the trailer, thank god.. or it would have hurt someone.. I need to build something stronger.. I got these plans bought for a tilt trailer. and weirds description of a real Aframe. but all that is dependent on me feeling better.


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                          About 2 decades ago I was lifting a Brown and Sharp no. 2 vertical mill (about 2,500 lbs I think) with a 4K engine hoist. Had some steel tracks so I could run outside some. Got it defying gravity a bit, started rolling it outside when one wheel shattered, the shock of dropping bent the ram and the whole shebang proceeded to fall over into the dirt !


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                            Oh and then there was the time I somehow tipped a 1950's vintage Cincinnati cylindrical grinder over on it's front side, the table fell off, and 5+ gallons of hydraulic fluid drained out unto the shop floor...

                            Took forever to clean up the fluid, with the acid in the wound being Cincinnati wanting more for one replacement handwheel than the whole machine was worth...