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    Tip for OCD hoarders:
    I know one guy in here who has half of his equipment bolted to heavy duty standard pallets and moved away with forklift to 5 meter high pallet racks when not in use.

    The industrial sized "shop" is also the most expensive part of that solution.
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      Originally posted by 6270 Productions View Post
      Please understand I am not trying to be a smart aleck, but have you got any helpful hints for stairs?

      I see a bunch of discussion on moving "things" up or down stairs - dangerous - I know, but sometimes required.

      In my experience going down is easier due to gravity, but more dangerous (especially if you are standing under the load).

      Going up is safer, if you are standing above the load. I have even used a pick up and chains/straps so I don't have to be under the load and push it - not better just safer.
      Look up "aluminum adjustable gantry crane" and you'll see some designs that will allow one leg to be placed at the top of a flight of stairs and the other at the bottom. This keeps the horizontal lifting beam level. I used to work at a company where we moved compressors up and down stairs inside multi-story buildings and we used this type of lift. They are somewhat expensive to purchase but they will do the job up to a load of about 2-3 tons or so.


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        Originally posted by MattiJ View Post
        I know one guy in here who has half of his equipment bolted to heavy duty standard pallets and moved away with forklift to 5 meter high pallet racks when not in use.
        That must hurt like hell.... I keep all of my equipment where it belongs in my pants when not in use.


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          Need to look what you doing in the shop on ever day basic. Please post what you need.

          Just moving a tool can be do with no more than pipes on the floor and a big bar. This what I used for years as the celling was to low for fork lift still use today but does not a ever day moving. (Tools that weight was over 10,000LB)

          I try keep ever thing to less than 60 Lb if go over that I am installing a $99.00 electric hoist from HF that pick up 200/400 Lb just move pic up under the and lift off and use a dolly after that.


          Originally posted by flylo View Post
          Everyone has a HF engine hoist which tapers & the legs are on angles. Shop cranes have straight legs that are parallel so mod your engine hoist into a shop crane that the legs will go around a mill & weld or bolt together with nylocs or buy a shop crane. Paid $125 for the towable BlueBird

          Push forklift, these are 1000#cap to 2000#cap either 12V electric or a pump handle. Get the one that the legs move out so the forks will pick up pallets. Have a plate to fit & bolt to the forks. Have 3 never paid over $100

          Pipe round stock & Johnson bars, you can move heavy machines with simple tools.

          Pallet jack & come-a-long, winch or chain fall. You can load mills, lathes, & most machines with these & a drop gate trailer. Remember to block up the center under the drop gate & use plywood.

          Straps & chains, but 2" 10,000# straps & if you haul a mill put one from the head to the hitch or a solid point behind it in case an idiot pulls out in front of you.

          All this stuff together cost a couple hundred dollars but is useful for years & makes life so much safer & easier. Just some toughts.