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3hp, New GE 3ph motors $49 @Surplus Center

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    For some reason many big drill presses run 1175 RPM. Brian & I both have big Williams? drill press/Tappers that run about that speed. I just thought for $49 if anyone is close & don't have to pay shipping it's good yo have a couple around & a good price.


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      Originally posted by 3 Phase Lightbulb View Post
      I'm guessing that means you can get a job anywhere....
      Not as many as you can, you have a vast market of choices. But you know that as well as everything else.


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        Originally posted by GNM109 View Post
        That would be a good thing for my Enco 13 X40 lathe. It's actually too fast on both the lowest and highest speeds. Top speed is 2,000 rpm which I never use because it's frightening. Low speed is 70 rpm and I'd like to slow it down for slow threading work.
        Same thinking here.
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          Originally posted by flylo View Post
          For some reason many big drill presses run 1175 RPM.
          -I wish I'd been able to find one back when I had a nice Rockwell vari-drive drill press. It was a great drill, but even at the slowest speeds, much too fast for bigger drills- it would have been fine for a woodworker, but even in aluminum, it was too fast for anything over about 3/8".

          I'd tried to find an inexpensive 1175 motor, but could only find one online- in which case shipping to Alaska was just too damn expensive.

          I eventually found an Arboga gearhead, and subsequently sold the Rockwell to a woodworker. Slowest speed on the Arboga is something like 80, and with the VFD, I can of course slow it down from there.

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            Doc, I have 12 new ones, a different brand & heavier 115# each.And if you really want to drill a 100 HP new motor but it's 3450 rpm. I got an Arboga radial drill in the 32 machine buy that was deleted, nice as it's 220 3 phase, has a large table so no tombstone needed. Also am Arboga dedicated tapper the size of a floor model drill press. I also have a PRATT & WHITNEY SIGOURNEY sensitive 3 head heavy as H*LL like this only 3 head I use mainly for gun work.
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