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    I had one of those smallish ups boxes for home use that decided to take the long awaited dirt nap. I have no idea what died on it but I had another so I took the dead one apart. Inside was a nice large transformer with multiple taps. The battery holds a charge but it does not seem to have the strength to run the pc. (swapped it with the working ups) But the thing that I easliy removed and saved was the network / phone surge protector. It was a sperate unit that is on a circuit board 2.5" x 1.5" in size. It needs no power and now sits between the cable modem and the router in my house. Remember to mark the in and out on this thing or you'll be guessing which is which. Although, it might not matter. Some sheet metal was saved for a rainy day. And the rest of the parts went to the trash.

    Oh how I love to take stuff apart.
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    Could have been just the switch.
    If the battery was weak, replacements are available. They're gell cells and they don't last for ever. Even with a bad battery, these units make a good power filter.

    I save just about everything out of "broken" equipment. Switches, power cords, etc. Never know when you might need a part off a circuit board. Dang, that reminds me; I need to build a few more cabinets in the barn.


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      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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        Rats get into boxes.


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          90% chance it was a bad battery. Sorry.
          I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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            Rats? No rats around here but lots of boxes

            Save that transformer. I sell a line of UPSs that have a voltage regulating saturated core transformer. It could be used all by itself as a significant spike filter and voltage regulator. The ones I sell take anything from 85 vac to 150 vac and make it into 117 vac +-10% at full load. Could be handy.
            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by darryl:
              90% chance it was a bad battery. Sorry.</font>
              Maybe already said it "didn't have the strength"....

              I bought one for $5 dead, replaced the battery with a $5 surplus store identical replacement, and it has worked for many years.

              The deal is that they use a 7 ampere-hour battery, with a max discharge rate of about 7 amps (for long life). They use it in an application where it will get 35amp discharge currents.

              And they charge them rather aggressively, compared to many "long-life" usages.

              Surprise! They go bad. Fast if used. Slower if the UPS never triggers. Then its just the charger that kills the battery.

              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                Let Batteries Plus take a look at it, they can replace or rebuild batteries is about anything.



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                  I also say 95% chance it is the battery. At work, same thing, we replaced both batteries in a big UPS boss bought at a ham flea market for 5$, It's probably still backing up 2+ computers and all the communincations equiptment.


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                    I also take stuff apart. The problem seems to be that once you have it apart, the parts take up more space then when they were all living together in the little metal house.


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                      My problem with saving things is where I put them and do I remember having them?

                      I got a old school bus just packed.. Dangerous to walk in..

                      I do build things with dead things.. Bolts are like gold.. whoo hoo.. if I could only sort them all.. take one out, save it...

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                        I have tons of coffee cans full of bolts. Cans of 1/4", cans of 5/16", cans of 3/8".............


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                          I doubt that it was only the battery. I swapped the batteries and sill no juice. I even took the battery to the only Radioshack that I trust and they loaded it. It worked but not long under load. Besides, the batteries that I was quoted were $5 less than a new UPS. Wait for a sale and I would save money buying a new one. Back to testing, I had traced the power up to the circuit board. Then in the little runners and components I lost the voltage. I did also check the switch. The reason I didn't dive into this thing too far was that it was scrap from work to begin with. I took it home and it happened to work. Oh well, still had fun.
                          Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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                            UPS,them brown shirts sure got nice trucks...oops,wrong UPS

                            I keep seeing those things by the pallet,if they test good would there be a mrket for them on ebay?
                            I just need one more tool,just one!