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unheated seacan: stopping condensation

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    Originally posted by old mart View Post
    I roofed a garage with the industrial thin steel "corrugated", the cheapest by far method, for a flat roof with a minimum slope, and the condensation drips drove me to distraction. The only cure was 1" thick slabs of expanded polystyrene fitted to the underside.
    Much easier if you insulated over the roof & under the steel. We have a product here just for that. It's 4'x50' 1/4" thick looks like fan fold with a white poly face on the down side. Just need a thermal break to stop the drips & goes on quick under the steel.


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      If you have a hoe & a hill just coat it well with foundation coating & bury it in the hill & cover it up leaving the front exposed. A friend retired, moved to Kentucky, did that & it worked great.


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        Bolt timber battens to the walls & ceiling, fill the gaps with insulation and line with exterior sheathing board.
        Stick solar cells on top to charge a battery and use an inverter on a timer to run a dehumidifier at night, the dehumidifier's waste product is heat equal to it's power consumption.
        If you benefit from the Dunning-Kruger Effect you may not even know it ;-)