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Other model engine machining forums?

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  • Other model engine machining forums?

    In my recent wanderings around the Intarweb, I have discovered

    Modelenginemaker and Home Model Engine machinist.

    Do these fora have a specific emphasis? Like steam vs Internal combustion or Stirling?

    Or scale, historical models vs small engines to power aircraft or some such.

    Lastly, what other forums that are out there that I have not yet tripped over?

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    Model Engine Maker is out of the U.K., and seems to have more emphasis on steam engines than i.c. engines, although model i.c. do show up now and then. Home Model Engine Machinist is poorly run and is probably on it's way out because of old history that I won't bring up. You can try Madmodder. There are quite a few small model engine forums, but you will have to search them out on Google.
    Brian Rupnow
    Design engineer
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      MEM is pretty evenly split if you look at the "From Plans" and "Your Own Design" sections. The "From Kits/Castings" section is more steam driven.

      I left HMEM when it was sold years ago and never looked back. It can burn in Hell for all I care. MEM is more of what HMEM was originally like.



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        Don't forget Model Engineer from UK.