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    Paul, I wish you were close by. I had bought a bunch of shelves at auction a few years ago and finally got around to finding room for them in my shop but ended up with several that I just didn't have room anywhere for so I ended up tossing them during a recent cleanup. It was one of those times where you were sure someone probably would want them, but my dumpster is only here for a few more days so do I toss them, or risk being stuck with them if I can't find a new home before the dumpster gets picked up.


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      3 phase light bulb. Are you in NJ? I think I saw that parts washer on CL.....
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        Originally posted by engineerd3d View Post
        3 phase light bulb. Are you in NJ? I think I saw that parts washer on CL.....
        I'm in MA. I threw the parts washer in a dumpster I rented. Maybe someone salvaged it and put it up on CL in NJ - doubtful though. Unfortunately I threw out tons of good stuff I know I wasn't going to use it, but I also didn't want to deal with trying to sell any of it. I even through out a heavy duty steel 4-drawer filing cabinet that was full of new Bridgeport parts (bought at an auction years ago)-- which I immediately regretted after the dumpster got picked up. I wanted the floor space that cabinet was consuming that bad I didn't really care about all of the BP parts as I don't need them but then realized I should have probably threw them on CL but again, I wasn't really thinking that way at the time. I was thinking, yea, I think I paid $50 for this cabinet and I really don't want it now, and WTF am I going to do with all of these BP parts -- mine is fine so I'll just toss them..


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          I already have a large number of metal shelves, some of which are light duty or medium duty as yours seem to be, and also some very heavy duty military grade shelves that have a sheet metal backing that makes them extremely rigid. I also have a large shelf unit that is on casters, as well as numerous wooden shelves. I gave some of them to my sister and BIL. And I have something like 10 full size file cabinets and a couple of half-height units, plus a few plastic ones. And I have maybe a dozen cabinets with small plastic drawers, and a bunch of metal card files that I use for small electronic parts. And also several sets of open plastic bins.

          I do plan to go over the primer with a finish coat. I'm also thinking about mounting the drawer cabinets on a cart with casters, so I can move it around. I have some heavy perforated steel angle material that can be used to make a pretty good cart, and I have a two-shelf cart that is on my porch and needs to be cleaned up and painted.

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