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building a leather splttir?

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  • building a leather splttir?

    I want to build a powered leather splitter. There are two rollers the the leather feeds between to force it onto the cutting knife. The bottom rooler is knurled and slring loaded to push it against the flesh side off the leather. The thickness of the split is determined by the distance between the top roller and the blade. Tah is usually adjusted with a knob on top of the machine.

    Now my question. How would you design the gearing so the distance between the rollers can vary but still be gear driven? At tbe moment I am designing it with four gears on one side.
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    On a rolling mill the bottom roll is fixed, the top can raise and lower, there's 2 driveshafts, the top has 2 universal joints (traditionally these were called "wobble boxes")


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      I have seen some such mechanisms that were just built with gears with large teeth. So the percentage of change in the mesh distance was not overly large. The involute gear tooth form is somewhat tolerant to deviations in the mesh distance. I believe the rollers in the 3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machines are one example of this type of design and they work just fine.

      Of course the modern way would be to use stepper or servo motors on the rollers and a PIC based control system to run them in sync and at whatever speed you want.
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