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"Rockford MV 100" mill on CL

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  • Erich
    I have the Hedwick version serial #175. They are a nice size mill for a home shop. Table is 9x 36. X travel 18 inches Y 10.

    Variable speed spindle. Motor is mounted in the bottom of the column.

    Head has no adjustment for nod just rotate.

    Power down feed on the quill is infinitely adjustable from 0 to .006 inches/rev.

    There is no brake or lock on spindle rotation, but the torque to turn in back gear is so high it is easy to change collets and tools.

    My grandfather in law bought the mill new in 1958. I got the mill in 1996 when he closed up his business.

    I posted some instruction sheets and cutaway parts drawings over on hobby

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    started a topic "Rockford MV 100" mill on CL

    "Rockford MV 100" mill on CL

    Hell for stout lookin' little bugger!

    Cheap too but I'm otherwise engaged.
    Too bad they don't make those anymore.