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    Originally posted by old as dirt View Post
    Thanks to those that made comments. Trying to get a feel for what is available as the Dish equipt we have is at least is 12 yrs old. Much as I dislike ATT have to check out Direct closer.

    Mcostello I try to record as much as poss so I can fast fwd thru ads. Also use Netflix

    Flylo One of the reasons for new equipt is so I can work and watch in the garage instead of sitting just sitting & watching inside.
    We have had DISH for >10 years. Like you our only choices are satellite where we live. We've had the Hopper and two Joey's for several years now. Could not be happier. They work flawlessly. I am a DVR addict and absolutely never watch live TV. The operation is seamless. When I travel I can even download recorded shows to my phone/tablet and watch while I'm gone. The best part - every 6 months I call and complain about the price and they give me a $40/month credit - so that I pay only about $60 for all the channels we ever want, including all the major live sports channels.


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      During a patch of financial difficulties we dropped satellite TV and stopped watching TV.

      Once the with drawl shakes had stopped, I found that somebody had added 3 to 4 hours in each day to get stuff done.

      If somebody offered to put absolutely free satellite or cable TV into my house I'd say "no thanks".