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Looking for a Berkroy clamping head

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  • Looking for a Berkroy clamping head

    I have a Berkroy rotary shear and I'm looking for the clamping head that Berkroy offered as an accessory to cut circles. If anyone has one that they'd be willing to sell, please send me a message. Thanks.

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    Here are photos of the Clamping Head ihc1965 is seeking for his Berkroy S-30 Rotary Shear. (It is used in conjunction w/ the r-shear for cutting circles of up to 12" dia.)

    DR and browne92 helped identify mine awhile ago in the following thread:

    Some product details appear in a Berkroy advert on p325 of the April 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics.


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      Yes, that’s the one exactly! Thanks, Eddy.


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        Where are you?

        Naah, maybe not.
        Same but different...
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          I'm in Iowa. If I were closer, I'd buy that circle shear in the ad. I bought one just like it a few years ago and the seller just threw it in a box with a couple sheets of wadded up newspaper. By the time it got to me, the handle was broken and I can't figure out how to take it apart to repair it.