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  • MSC online catalog & website SUX

    Good Lord!!
    I just (tried) to navigate MSC's website to look for some involute gear cutters.
    Their website is AWFUL!!!
    Hard to navigate, hard to find what you're looking for, WAY too many useless pages.
    Just terrible.
    Makes me admire McMaster Carr's website even more.
    Rant over.

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    McMaster and Digikey have the best websites on the internet, at least as far as I have seen.

    MSC is not very good. I might dislike it more if I used it very often.

    Mouser electronics is not very good.

    Grainger is really obnoxious, I detest their site, it shows things I don't want, and makes it hard to find what I DO want.

    Most other websites are either not very good, or worse. Some actively prevent you from finding what you want. The Armorall site successfully prevented me from finding their MSDS sheets, for instance, and I never did find their site for industrial products (for carwashes).

    Many sites do not allow you to find a specific product easily, they make you select from lists of possible applications, so they can tell YOU what you want. If you are looking up a product, you must guess what they think it is used for. Some DO have a search, but it often returns so many results (over a hundred) that it is nearly worthless.

    Those two, Mcmaster and Digikey are the best. Even with them, you sometimes fail to find what you want when you know it should be there, but it is easier than most others to get where you want to go. Usually better choices in the search ordering will be successful.
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      Yeah, I tried GRAINGER too.
      Their website is pretty awful.


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        Another thumbs up for McMaster Carr.
        Even if it is not in their catalogue, give them a call
        and they will find what ever you are looking for.
        And when I have asked for some special item,
        I thought the price was reasonable as well.

        We have a sales rep that comes to the plant from MSC.
        I tell her that their web site sux, and she actually agrees with me.




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          I tried MSC's website once and gave up. I wonder how much money they loose by customers like me going someplace else over the frustration.


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            Originally posted by ncjeeper View Post
            I tried MSC's website once and gave up. I wonder how much money they loose by customers like me going someplace else over the frustration.
            They make up for customers lost from their poor website by selling their wares at much more than they are worth.


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              Even with a cooperate discount and with their sales person coming into our plant
              during the week, Manhattan Supply is my last choice for purchasing things.



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                Agreed on all of the above.
                Kansas City area