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    I mentioned that friends and family all have iphones. Sorry, assumed that would include wife, but never actually said that.

    But that does not mean I have to. Might in some ways be convenient, but in other ways might be better if we have different ones. They are a bit different, but should all do about the same stuff, maybe in different ways. There is some file sharing and picture stuff that is apparently different between them, but I am not even sure that is insurmountable.

    It's not an easy choice, I may go play around with the android tablet and see what I think, it should work similarly to an android phone other than making calls.
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      I switched to the iphone from my blackberry because the wife had one, and it seemed easy to use, and "top of the heap". I should have done more research and/or used it more. I'm not Apples target audience. I couldn't stand the interface, and the way apple forces you to do things apples way. I grew up on pc's and had never used an apple product in my life. It's different. I eventually found my way around, but the big thing with me was I tunes sync (it sucks, IMO), and the file system. Can't plug it into a pc, and drag and drop stuff like files, music, pictures (I think you could copy pictures from the phone somehow though, I can't remember exactly).

      But the (proprietary) charging port works both ways, so I guess that's a plus.....Wouldn't want to take half a second to spin it around so it fits properly....

      I did find the apple "keyboard" easier to type on though. I misspell words far more on the s7. One thing I don't like about either is the lack of a delete key. But that's personal preference in the way I edit messages.

      They all had plus's and minus. You're just going to have to put hands on some and try them out to find out YOUR preference.


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        Originally posted by Dan Dubeau View Post
        I've got a small spigen case on my S7. I like the premise of the otterbox, and agree, that it's a great way to protect your investment.
        I have the otterbox on my old droid mini. Very nice case they make. I would have got one for my new phone but they dont make it for that phone.

        I wanted something as nice as the otterbox so bought four diff. cases. Tudia, Spigen, Poetic and Lightning Knight (crazy names). I really like the LK. Its a two piece like the otterbox and it was only 20 bucks or so. JR


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          Another thing that might help sway your mind if all your friends and family have Iphones, is the group chat. It's handy. All my buddies except 1 other have iphones. When we're going on fishing trips or such, we tend to feel left out of the decision making process's because it's easier to hammer out details in group chat. Instead we'll get updates on what's happening, instead of being part of the "whole" conversation. I see both sides, as it WAS easier when I had an iphone to group chat things like that. Oh well. It's also just as nice, not to have to hash out every detail and just get told what to bring, and when to show up sometimes


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            I am going to get an ip68 rated cheapo from aliexpress in the near furure.
            Why going for these slick mainstream designs when they are so fragile.
            120 dollar for a device with better specs than a 200 dollar samsung.


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              My wife has an Android powered tablet (a Samsung something or other). It is much easier on the eyes that that tiny smart phone screen, but it doesn't make calls. And unless you will be using the tablet exclusively on wifi, you will still incur a monthly fee... and still need a phone of some sort with, yes, another monthly fee (unless you get a prepaid phone).