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    Originally posted by rklopp View Post
    What keeps the sliding headstock from lifting off the V ways? Typical Euro-style mills rely or dovetail or square ways for the headstock (giving the Y axis movement). Most rely on dovetail ways, but a few of the bigger CNC Mahos and Deckels use square Y ways. My Deckel only has square Z ways.
    If you look at picture two, you can make out that there's a sliding gib underneath the V's running on the backside of the ways. Similar principle is used on harrison lathes.

    As for the rest of the machine, if it were closer and reasonable money I'd bring it home. That looks like a iso40 size spindle with the drive keys and drawbar, in which case it'd fit nicely in with the rest of my current stable


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      Originally posted by Spandau View Post
      Looks like a keyway cutter to me. Probably meant for woodruff keys. It looks to have that style of cutter mounted. Have seen several similar machines advertised as such.
      I thought that at first but surely a machine that heavily built would include an over-arm.