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Building Harley Frames in Texas.. BAR:??

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  • Building Harley Frames in Texas.. BAR:??

    I have a model 3 bender I use.. Hate to sell it since I would have to replace it. We are going to look at some CNC benders tomorrow, they have 8 of them. I made a 2x2 socket mount on my english wheel to mount it.

    ON the bends, I have a rotary indexer on a wheeled table. As I move measurement to measurement I rotate the tubing to the next angular direction. Simple once you do it once or twice.. I have a book full of measurements.
    I used .25 seamless mild tubing on the last one, Harleys use .125 in thier factory frames. I had to use a torch to adjust the bends, each bend has a different spring-back. You have to relax it so no tension is on it or it will crack.

    Jig is a piece of 12: channel with tapped 4" plates to mount the jigs for motor/trans/rear swingarm/axle plate..

    A picture is worth a thousand words. I'll have to look it up for you.

    You don't drink beer? gee.. Check out the flyer below, modifying a existing frame is much easier than making your own.. thiers is 599/////

    Exerpt from
    “Rachel’sâ€‌ Back from sturgis sale…….welcome new staff members!

    So, you’re back, your bike’s broke, and you got some good ideas on how to improve it while you were gone.

    Lucky for you, Krooners is having a sale!!

    We would also like to celebrate the arrival of our new staff members, Josh, Ben and Ben. Josh is our new phone guy, so don’t be scared if he answers. I know everyone is used to us girls answering, but really, he can help! Josh can be reached at extension 306 or email at [email protected]. Ben is in charge of international shipping and can be reached at [email protected]. The other Ben (we call him “cousin Benâ€‌, but then again we are in TN) helps Ben out at the Ride American Eat Japanese Distribution Center, AKA our “other buildingâ€‌. Welcome new guys!! (Of course, the girls are a little nicer to look at, but if you’re calling you can’t see us anyway!)

    Engines… decided that size really does matter!!

    آ· 120â€‌ polished Ultima engine…….$5700 delivered* (1 in stock)

    آ· 127â€‌ natural Ultima engine……..$5100 delivered* (1 in stock)

    آ· 121â€‌ Polished TP engine…………call for special pricing

    آ· 124â€‌ Polished S&S engine……….$6700 delivered* (2 in stock)

    Frames…you saw a bike just like the one you want to build!!

    آ· Rigid 200 tire frame. 34* rake, 4â€‌ downtube stretch……..$599 delivered*

    آ· Pro-Street Frameworks Softail 280 RSD dropseat frame kit: 10â€‌ upstretch, 5â€‌ out, 40* rake. Includes oil tank, rear fender, internal fork stops. Retails for $4750; normal price is $3900. Sale price is $3650 delivered.* (PS4037)

    آ· Pro-Street Frameworks Rigid 300 RSD dropseat frame kit: 8â€‌ upstretch, 5â€‌ out, 43* rake with single curved downtube. Includes oil tank, rear fender, seat pan, and internal fork stops. Retails for $4995, normal price is $3750, sale price is $3450 delivered.* (PS4255)

    آ· We have several other frames and kits in stock, please call for details!!

    Exhaust…you really like the way these sound!!

    آ· Bub Rinehart True Duals exhaust………call for special pricing* (5 in stock)

    آ· Samson Big Guns Sturgis for 86-02 ST……….$239 delivered* (1 in stock)

    آ· Vance and Hines Big Radius for 86-04 St…….call for special pricing* (5 in stock)

    Belt Drives…okay, so you just want a new one!!

    آ· 3â€‌ Open BDL belt drive…….$1119 delivered*

    آ· TF-2000 BDL belt drive……$2200 delivered*

    آ· Enclosed BDL belt drive…...$899 delivered*

    Leg Assemblies…it’s just not long enough!

    آ· 10â€‌ over Chrome assembly, axle included……$429 delivered* (triple trees not included)

    آ· 12â€‌ over Chrome assembly, axle included……$429 delivered* (triple trees not included)

    Wheels & Tires…yes, it can look better!!

    آ· Front 21x3.25, 60 spoke stainless wheel and Avon tire mounted……$325 delivered *

    آ· Front 21x3.25, 60 twisted spoke stainless wheel and Avon tire mounted……$425 delivered*

    آ· Front 21x2.15 DNA 80 spoke chrome wheel and Avon tire mounted……$495 delivered*

    آ· Rear 18x5.5 60 spoke with Avon mounted tire………$350 delivered*

    Fuel Tanks…Help improve the look of your bike!

    آ· 4.7 Gallon with flush mount cap………..$269 delivered*

    آ· 4.7 gallon with raised mount cap……….$269 delivered*

    Oil Tanks…well, why not?!

    آ· Raw finish Round side fill oil tank for 84-99 ST…….$139 delivered*

    آ· Chrome horseshoe oil tank for 84-99 ST………………$99 delivered*

    Transmission….Because that 5 speed just doesn’t do much on the highway!!

    آ· Spyke Prowler Transmission………$1199 delivered* (RSD $1799 delivered*)

    آ· Black 6 spd Baker Transmission for 90-97 ST……$2595 delivered* (1 in stock) (this one is black, not raw)

    آ· Polished 6 speed Roadmax Transmission for Softail……..$1299 delivered* (1 in stock)

    T-Shirts….hey, you gotta wear sumthin!

    آ· “American Choppers 101â€‌ T………..$12.00

    آ· Original Krooners T-Shirt………..$9.99

    آ· “Crack Kills, so can import partsâ€‌ T……..$12.00

    آ· “Everybody tells me what I outta doâ€‌ T……$12.00

    آ· We also have helmet stickers and patches that say what shirts do, jusk ask!!

    Miscellaneous…because who knows??!!

    آ· Polished BDL forward controls…..$259 delivered*

    آ· Front fender for 21x2.15 front wheels……$125 delivered*

    آ· Front fender for 21x3.5 front wheels……..$125 delivered*

    آ· Chrome Oil Cooler for dual downtubes and your choice of standoff clamp……..$75 delivered* (5 in stock)

    آ· Spyke 32 amp chrome regulator charging system…….$179 delivered*

    آ· Spyke 1.4 kw chrome starter……………..$259 delivered*

    آ· Tricky Air Ride for pre-99 ST………………call for special pricing

    آ· Mini Sir Victor stuffed dogs, perfect for toy rides…….free with $100 order, just ask!!

    Don’t forget, for ordering you can call or email me (Rachel) at xt: 305 or [email protected] or Josh at xt: 306 or [email protected]. For international shipping questions and concerns, email Ben or Ben at [email protected].

    And as always, we can usually get whatever you need, but we do need a part number in most cases. Don’t forget to check out our website at for a list of suppliers!!

    **â€‌Deliveredâ€‌ refers to delivered price in the US48. Customers outside the US48 will be charged actual shipping costs.**

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    I'm the lil guy on the left..

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      re: Krooners :: Some of those bikes are nice and some could make a blind man see they have so much chrome eh gringo? I`m not into chrome as the main theme on a bike; give me a well conceived,finely engineered combination, good paint, polished aluminium and chrome to highlight. Then ride the damn thing. Shop windows are for women to shop from.
      Dave I can`t see the sushi rolls anywhere? did you eat them all? I was 115kg before I stopped eating every burger I could find
      not trying to hijack, I managed to post an image of Zeus; just put my brain into slow and really got going!!
      Hey, that looks like a terrible way to spend your time?
      Ken NZ

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        I know all about the basics.. I built the fatboy in the front here for $6,000 brand new. Only really used part on whole bike was the transmission and primary. It was a 599$ frame, stretched 7 gallon tanks, rest was dealer take offs, including the internals in the S&S cases, chain front drive and belt rear, cast wheels.. all was dealer removals the customer left at the shop..

        In the back, well that was my old partner Dave's Blue Thunder (passed away July 2003), it was a aluminum block Buick V8 running a dynoflow 2 speed/ narrowed 9" rear. Notice it is only about two feet longer than the bike.. ROVER bought the patent on the engine way back younder when GM decided it didn't want to make a aluminum motor. THEY Still make the engine. It'd make your scrotum tighten up when you rolled it back and it was only a 2 barrel induction. Yes, it was home made.


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          Did ya say chrome? This was all the chrome on the 3wheeler.. it won every show it was in.

          I saw recently a honda car, cut right behind the drivers wheel, a honda motorcycle frame welded to where the front bumper went. He was sitting up on the honda mc frame just steering away with the 1/2 car in close tow... He was smiling ear to ear.

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            Excess chrome is just that, excess. I`m not into all the Harley Co bull**** bolt on, chrome,undies,shoes, socks and all that promo crap; although I can see that it helps keep the company in profit. My dissapointment with them is the amount of jap parts on their machines, maybe the japs bought in when it had all its finance worries prior to the buyback? Any chance of a cleaner shot of that trike and Fat Boy?

            Ken NZ
            Dave, here is a bad photo of my dog Bruce with Geofs` 74? Trident.He`s sold it since.

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              Dave gave his trike to his one son that came to see him before he knew he was dying of cancer.

              Life is not fair sometimes.

              Them aluminum motors are getting hard to come by now.. it is much easier to get a 3.8 V6 motor with supercharger.. Cheaper, lighter, faster more parts available.

              I started me one with a quad4 pontiac motor, it was a motorcycle. Then I got behind on my child support payments and sold some of the parts to get caught back up..

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                My underwear are not monogrammed with Harley's logo either.

                Them Tridents main flaw, they had a weak casting around the countershaft sprocket, Get a large boy like me on there shifting gears adn bust the case.. The first 750 hondas did too.. except the chain went though it.

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                  No offence Dave but I could put you in contact with a good cosmetic surgeon for that nose and contacts would be a go . Fat Boys are good looking units , Geoff had an original silver model, I loved riding that unit. It`s a bit hard when good tight friends depart. You have to go as far as the journey takes you, aye? Good to see he was still riding. I gave it away cos I dont much trust myself on trikes; I rode some before and always found myself climbing kerbs and couldn`t trust myself not to attempt the white line.. If the chair becomes a permanent option I`m thinking of a petrol powered homemade, well see...
                  just to clarify- `tight` means stand up, staunch, reliable.

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                    The Trident's main flaw was it was cobbled together as quickly as possible and ended up with numerous design flaws in the best 1960's British motorcycle industry fashion.

                    Fun to ride, and they sound and look neat. But the more I looked at my Trident and Rocket 3 projects, the more I found to toss.

                    I bailed on all of the triple stuff a couple of months ago, and heaved a sigh of relief that I wasn't going to have to deal with it.



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                      Flaws?? never! Back in 73 a good friend Alex had a 72 Trident, he had just inherited a few grand and we spied this sweet looking unit at Whites bikeshop in Newmarket. Well the next day I rode up there and Alex handed over his stash and rode home . He was warned by everyone who knew not to rev that pushrod motor. that bike was worked way passed the safe limit on numerous times and never failed except for burning #2 cylinder (lean) problem solved, go again. I enjoyed riding that bike also, they have a real nice low centre of gravity and you had to c/steer, great sound also. We hit 120mph 2 up on the N/E motorway. fond memories.
                      I understand that Tridents were conceived in the early 60`s but only actioned as a last effort responce to honda`s multi cylinders.
                      The main reason Triumph failed was that the management never listened to the shop floor or the market,loyal workers were a main reason the company lasted as long as it did, sound familiar?

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                        Darn nice work there David! Maybe someday I'll be building things that well and can be just as proud of. Only my stuff will burn coal, go alot slower and could be prone to blowing up....well, hopefully not the last part.