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OT: gmail and multiple email addresses

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  • OT: gmail and multiple email addresses

    I was under the impression that one can create more than one gmail address and have both work. However, the gmail folks seem to make this difficult, at least they have managed to make it awfully difficult to SWITCH to that second one, it keeps sending me to the business account, even though they did create the second email.

    I see folks talk about creating a "throwaway" gmail address, as if it was easy and no issue.

    Maybe the problem is in having to use the legitimate name etc, which google already knows from the business account....??
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    My wife has a business and personal account and it's a simple matter to switch between the two; no different than what I do for my two personal accounts.

    In a PC, I simply open the second account. The first time you do it you click on the user icon and select "Add New Account." It will give the user name/password prompts in a new tab. Afterwards it's in the cookies and you just need to click icon, select account and then enter password.

    In my phone or tablet, its just a matter of toggling between the two email accounts, similar to how it works in the PC.
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      Mail is comprised of several parts. For this discussion you are concerned with the server (google's side) and client (your side).

      The client can be a web page, a program such as Thunderbird or an app. It displays the mail, composes mail, etc.

      If you are using the web page, switching accounts is done by logging out and back in. Click on your avatar in the upper left corner to get the "log out" button.

      If you are using a client program such as Thunderbird, outlook, etc you need to enable imap on Google's server as per this link : . Then you need to add the account to your client program per their instructions.

      Apps can be just about anything, so I can't advise you there.

      P.S. The terms and explanations in this thread are over simplified for future readers who may not be as well versed as the OP.
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        Ze basic problem is that I have not been able to get TO the new email so far, although it is accepting mail. Whenever I go to anything gmail, it is sending me to the business account, and will not let me go elsewhere.

        At one time (long ago) I recall having a switch account button, but it is no longer around.

        This could be a cookie issue, I suppose. But I do not want to clear out all the cookies to try to fix it, as a fairly large number of them are useful to have around.
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          Install and use a different browser for your new account.
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            I looked up the switch accounts, and what I see on my gmail is not what the "switch accounts" explanation suggests I should see. That is the issue.

            A different browser is highly undesirable, and should nit be needed.
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              Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
              A different browser is highly undesirable, and should nit be needed.
              Surely you have IE in addition to your browser of choice? ;-)
              If you benefit from the Dunning-Kruger Effect you may not even know it ;-)


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                Look for a "log out" option.. Maybe it keeps associating you with your current email account.


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                  I didnt read all the replies..of course.. but I use incognito mode... no problems.. it won't remember or shuttle you to your primary. Just hit ctrl+shift+n or the 3 little buttons up right and select incognito


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                    I finally found the tiny symbol to do the deed with. It was NOT what was shown, and even when hovered over, did not really disclose what it did.

                    Found it with the "squirrel method", which is to try every single thing that is visible until something works. In some cases that fails due to unexpected results, this time it did work.
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                      If you have a domain name and a web host, you can easily create and use multiple email accounts. For most of my domains I have the "catch-all" option so "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" are both accepted. I have the mail forwarded to "[email protected]" which actually redirects to an AOL mail server, since verizon no longer host email, and it now is handled by AOL. To make things more complicated, I added forwarding to my gmail account, which is also set to forward mail to the verizon/AOL account that I use for my Windows Live Mail. So I can also access my emails from AOL as well as Gmail and probably also on my server. I can probably use the server directly for my email client (WLM). On my Win10 machine I have Thunderbird, but I haven't used it recently.
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                        I have the problem that my ISP, which also handles my several email addresses redirected from my domains elsewhere, groups all emails under the first part of the address. So, emails to [email protected] and [email protected] get put in the same bin.

                        Then I annoyingly have to separate them again using filters in my mail client.
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