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  • ON topic: feed and speeds tutorial;

    John Saunders who posts videos on YouTube NYC CNC offers a good many videos on feeds and speeds. His latest I would particularly recommend to the more advanced lathe noob. This video involves a good bit of theory, what's on the market, work arounds, and actual cutting tests on large sample of commonly available steels.

    John, as ever, is full of words on his favorite tooling rattling off brands and part numbers when study of the actual tooling and insert geometry, chip flow, and what makes it work might be a better use of his time. However in this video he's working with Paul Diebolt who keeps him on task. A full treatment of the topic of feeds and speeds can run to a dozens voc school sessions easy but this video and others in the feeds and speeds playlist wrought by John Sanders are excellent stand-along tutorials.

    This video is an hour and a half long so set aside some time, empty your bladder, collect your drinks and snacks, and have a note pad handy before you start. The presentation is somewhat scattered so jot down your questions; the answers may appear later.