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5C Collet orientation

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  • 5C Collet orientation

    Hey guys. I have a really dumb question concerning hex and square 5C collets. On a square collet and hex collet, are the openings always oriented the same way in respect to the indexing slot in the side of the collet?
    Is this part of the collet specifications to have this alignment?

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    It is probably happenstance. The key appears to be centered between the slots for mechanical strength, and the slots determine the arrangement of the hex or square corners.
    Jim H.


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      Not too dumb a question.

      My inital thought was that they are oriented, and after checking a bunch of collets I see they are. I checked about 20 collets, four were "no name" brand the rest Hardinge.

      With the hex shapes the index slot lines up with a point of the hex. And of course, 3 of the hex points line up with the collet closing slots. So this puts the index slot adjacent to one point and directly opposite a closing slot.

      On the square collets the index slot lines up mid way with a flat side. These collets have 4 closing slots lining up with each point of the square.

      I don't know if the orientation is part of the collet specs. I don't even think there are any "official" collet specs, but I assume everyone copies Hardinge so maybe Hardinge's way is the default official spec.

      You must be planning to make some kind of indexing mechanism and using the indexing slot for orientation, huh? In my limited experience with el cheapo, no name collets I've found the indexing slot depth isn't consistent. This leads me to the conclusion the index slot may not be tremendously accurately positioned also on off brand collets.