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    I had a Trav-a-dial. First on a mill, then on a lathe. They are better than nothing, but a DRO is waaay better. They are not nearly worth the asking price.
    Kansas City area


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      Originally posted by MrWhoopee View Post
      I've been offered a Trav-a-dial by the widow of an old friend. I was planning to mount it on my SB Heavy 10, but then I saw this:

      I'm skeptical, but tempted. Anyone have experience?
      The accuracy is rather pitiful


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        Originally posted by elf View Post
        The accuracy is rather pitiful

        There are two grades, at least there were when those were known as "igaging" products. One, when you worked out all the details, was probably good to somewhere between 4 and 7 thou error. The other was about half the error. Maybe.

        Not good enough for me.
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          Originally posted by Danl View Post
          I have that exact model. I opted for the 1um linear encoders, $18 additional each. Manual in Chinglese. Overall, not really comparable to the $1000+ brand name units, but certainly better than a modified caliper version.

          Dan L
          so whats wrong with them in comparison? are they magnetic?


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            Your eyes might be better than mine. I recently picked up a Kondia mill and it has one of those on the quill. I turned it on for the first time the other day. Not impressed. Very dim low contrast characters = super hard to read. In addition, the thing shuts off automatically after some short time (30 seconds?). And it interferes with the normal depth stop functionality.



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              yeah, I have two similar ones on my lathe for a few years now.. Better than reading metric and guessing what it means. Accuracy pretty much depends on how well u manage to install them. The sensors do need protection from chips (u need to be able to clean them easily), and they seem to go thru batteries a little quick. Nothing terribly sophisticated, but they are usable and inexpensive.