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    Well, I built a 5/16-27 tap tonight. [it's the size for shotgun cleaning tips] It looks a little crude, but it cuts threads okay in aluminum, without heat treating. I'll be doing that as soon as I get all those pesky burrs off the threads. Do I relly need to spend a hour with my boyscout knife picking out the burrs, or will the flame from the torch burn them off?

    Thanks, TC

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    Wanted to make one of those taps also, but never got aroundtuit. Why didn't they just make it the std. thread size {TPI}? The only place I found a tap with that TPI was at Brownells {$$$$}.



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      I take it you milled the flutes....

      Using it to cut a thread in aluminum didn't get rid of the burrs?

      I don't think you can count of the heat-treat process to get rid of them. Try filing the flutes (as if you were sharpening the tap) with a fine file. Or using a small stone.
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        For that, I think I would have just used a 8x1.0mm tap. Close enough for the short thread.


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          1/16" pipe is 5/16"-27 also. The taps usually aren't any cheaper than Brownell's.
          Jim H.


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            Love to see a pic?

            I tried to make a broach, four times! Never got one to work, so I wound up buing one-ouch.


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              Well, I threaded a couple thru holes in 1/4" alum. plate. The burrs are now gone. The threads look really nice now. I think I will forgo the heat treating for now, and use it as-is.

              To those who mentioned other possibilities, yea, I thought of the 8mm tap, but didn't have one of them. The pipe tap idea was considered, and discarded due to the taper, and the different length of the various cleaning attatchments. The shortest had just a few threads, while the longest was about 3 times as long. Besides, if economy and practicality was a factor, I'd have just gone down and bought a couple commercial Hoppe's rods for a few bucks. But no, not me. I gotta build my own with brass rods and exotic hardwood handles. It's not because I'm a snob, but If I can make my own, I can make them to suit my own taste. Part of it is also that all of the materials are on hand and so there's no further cost out of pocket. For those of you who read between the lines, yup, I'm cheap.

              Regards, TC


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                Being cheap has nothing to do with it. The enjoyment of creating something that cannot be bought, and the learning that comes from making your own tools are priceless.

                Jim H.