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aluminum melting point

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  • aluminum melting point

    I was telling a Guy that the other day my Weber barbeque was reading what looked like 900 degrees. I suggested he could preheat D2 for tig welding if it actually got that hot, He replied that no barbeque could get hotter than 600 or it would melt. This prompted me to post this question for the group to muse over . Can my barbeque get to be 900 degrees ,.,. Thanx Audrey

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    Wood/paper burns at about 1000 degrees F...I don't see a problem with the idea that your barbecue reaches 900 degrees Fahrenheit.


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      I don't trust temperature guages I don't verify. Some can be hundreds of degrees off. ( I am a certified instrument tech) Use colors to get temp right, see knife maker charts..

      Aluminum melts at 1250F (approx) degrees. The oxidized coating melts much higher. Hence when you are trying to weld it, it falls out once you start the tig melting it. Heating it, it loses it structural strength much cooler.

      So far I have not had much luck welding aluminum here, thou the mig works I don't trust it.

      Melting it, well if I boil it (too hot) it has the consistiency of cool whip and will not cast. (I put a controller on the furnace)

      I saw a ford Motorsports aluminum block preheated to tig weld with a kerosene space heater and a tarp. I was impressed. The engine fell into two pieces when the camshaft, heads, and crank was removed. It went on to win 3rd in national points. (ALvin Whaley racing, FLoyd "Sweet Cheeks" Driver)

      (Home made forge)
      I suggest you using a old large truck brake hub (about 18" inside and 3/4 thick metal), Mount 3 pipe legs on it, a flue coming into the axle flange to hook your blower (hair drier style or auto heater motor/fan) Load it with hardwood (slow) or charcoal. People pour brass with these, aluminum, can melt iron but I don't wanna..

      If you really want a good one, put castable refractory around it, get another and build a lid to lower onto it. OF course all the blacksmiths on here will lynch me, but I have had crowds with torches chasing me before..

      I have just a brake hub I am waiting on someone to load it for me into my truck at the motorcycle shop. (I'll probably have to do it)

      Cheers.. auction time.. gotta run.. Mayer power hammer up this morning... (ohh I am so turned on..)


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        Aluminum starts melting at around 1,200 degrees F depending on the alloy. Most aluminum alloys melt slightly higher than that.



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          I guess that was answered while I was busy typing.


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            DIdn't mean to step on your toes..

            I used to program machinery.. A long inadequate dead code, then I got into the chat rooms. I type as fast as I talk sometimes.. As you noticed, I ramble a lot sometimes..

            He looky something shiny.. gotta run..


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