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Perfect self holding air chuck I made

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    Originally posted by Bob La Londe View Post
    Thanks for a great post. Solid self locking air chucks are always being sought out. If you get your design dialed in you can sell them to off roaders.

    I'm actually looking at going a different way because I do a little off highway driving. I'm thinking of a screw on solution with a needle vale and a light weight quick couple of some kind to go with my 12V air compressor. The idea is I can screw four of them on and let air out of the tires as well put air into the tires. Always carry four of them for those really fun days in the sand. LOL. The idea is when you open the needle valve it also depresses the Schrader valve. It won't go on as fast, but it will be handier when you are flattening four tires so you can drive out.

    Not so much an issue for my Jeep, but a big issue for my crewcab 4x4.
    Four of these will flatten your tires very quick and allow you to reinflate them with your 12 V inflator .The internal design io this look alike chuck, doesnot allow me to alter it in the method that I desribbed, but it WLL work to quickly drain tires. Edwin Dirnbeck

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