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OT help with direction on a 'for sale' web site.

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    Originally posted by Bob La Londe View Post

    It seems you have already taken a wrong step in my opinion. Registering a URL with Go Daddy leaves them with to much control if they are also your hosting company. .
    I haven't taken a domain yet for this classified list, but I do have my business domain registration and hosting I guess made that mistake lol.

    I started to do a simple step by step listing here, and realized that it really may not be as simple as I was thinking. Not for somebody who knows nothing about setting up a website. I'm no web guru, but I actually have quite a bit of knowledge about how sites are setup compared to somebody who doesn't. Mostly from sitting down in front of a computer for days learning things the hard way. I guess you are right. It seems simple to me because I already know how. I could setup a basic site in a few hours.
    I have written a site before for my business, mostly because in its infancy I had to do everything, no money to hire. So while its a slow struggle, I'm one notch up from totally useless. I'm pleased with the results but was very tedious with every step along the way having to be learned and understood, often without knowing if the step was even in the right direction. Given I'm not using that knowledge regularly it quickly fades. Based on how i did it (html and css) it would too much to for what I want this time and was hoping for something canned that would make it easier. may be it - seems like all the features without the awkwardness of CL and restrictions of kijiji.
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      I didn't like Varage sale as its like facebook, you have to be a member, have your real name listed to whoever looks at it etc
      This is actually a selling point for some. My wife uses it a lot for small items. Because you are known, people can leave things on the front porch and you put money under the door mat kinda thing. Not so good for machinery perhaps, but bric-a-brac & such, yes.
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