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Anybody use 3DConnexion input devices for CAD??

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  • Anybody use 3DConnexion input devices for CAD??

    I am considering getting either AutoCAD or Solidworks and it seems that if you had one of these 3DConnexion controllers it can make life a whole lot easier and FASTER in designing 3d models. What do you guys think?

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    One word for you... GIMMICK

    All you need is a mouse and your other hand.
    Learn the imbedded shortcuts that come with your software.


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      I don't see how a keyboard could pan + zoom + rotate all at once... you still have to change from "Pointer" to "Pan", "Zoom" or "Rotate" mode and this requires lots of clicking around with the mouse..


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        Why do you want to pan, zoom, and rotate all at once. I think you are thinking to far ahead considering you havent even used one of the programs yet.


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          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by squale:
          I don't see how a keyboard could pan + zoom + rotate all at once... you still have to change from "Pointer" to "Pan", "Zoom" or "Rotate" mode and this requires lots of clicking around with the mouse..</font>


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            My feelings exactly..

            Try a PS2 3d gamepad.. Only way I can make it work is to write my own stinking software.. And I ain't that great at that..

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              I'm a big Mechanical Desktop (MDT) user (Autodesk). For the rotate, pan, zoom stuff I have a 3 button mouse with the middle button being the little roller wheel. Using the orbit command in MTD I can pan (middle button), roll (grab the orbit marker on the display with the left mouse button) and zoom (by rolling the little roller thing on the mouse). I did get a chance to play with Solidworks (not a bad choice) and it has a similar feature.

              The fellow that showed us Solidworks had one of them there new fangled devices and he liked it. When I asked if he would spend HIS money on it he replied "Dont know, the company bought this one". Question answered. I was teaching Autocad when the first Logitech 3 button mice were out and I was asked a similar question. My responce was that I did buy one and that is what I used in the calssroom. Took about one quarter and the college bought them for the room.

              I'd say save your bucks for the CAD software or buy more ram.
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                We have a number of those at work. Some people like them, some don't. Just like some like trackballs and the bent keyboards while others prefer mice or regular keyboards. I'd definitely try one before spending the $$$

                Also, unless you will be working with cad models 8 hours a day, they're probably not worth the trouble and expense.

                BTW, you lift and push on the rotating puck to get zoom etc.


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                  I would probably go with the SpaceBall 5000 after finding out that the ball doesn't move... I originally thought the ball moved like a Trackball and I CAN'T stand trackballs. But if the ball is stationary and you just apply pressure to the ball in different directions with your left hand to rotate the model, that might actually work well. I can get the SpaceBall 5000 for $200 with the educational discount, I believe it's normally $500

                  the thing looks HUGE though. In your computer, do more people use the SpaceBall or the SpaceMouse/CadMan (hockey puck style)? do you know if the ball or the hocky puck style is easier and better to use in your opinion?