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welding stainless steel with ac stick weldler

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    Originally posted by Machine View Post
    2" is a "real man sized rod?" Might want to rethink that.
    That's 2" diameter...


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      Originally posted by vpt View Post
      Was the 309 sealed in the box/can yet?
      No, it was all taped together in an unprotected bundle.
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        Had a friend build one of those 55 gallon drum stoves from a casting kit of legs, door, and chimney collar. Two seasons with regular steel drums they burned through. I found some stainless drums at the junkyard and they were still going strong at 10 years. Junk is junk though.


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          Originally posted by JRouche View Post
          Its not bad. I just heat it in my garage electric oven and weld away. JR
          Enough humidity over time will many times cause the flux to flake off.

          Originally posted by MrWhoopee View Post
          No, it was all taped together in an unprotected bundle.
          Lucky, or I would guess you live in a dry area?


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            I guess I had better defend my reasoning to use a Stainless Steel Beer Keg to make a small "Emergency" use stove. 11 years ago I bought 5 stainless beer kegs at a yard sale for something like $5 each. I made two of them into charcoal fired BBQs, they are both still in use, no rust, no warpage. They both look as good today as they when made.
            The metal in these kegs is thicker than you would think, I just measured mine and its .085 thick. Plus as you can see, there is a lot of contour which sturdies up things.
            I think after I weld on a 3/16 or 1/4 plate top that the sides should not warp too much.
            I'm not going to even use the thing unless things go to hell and we are without power for a extended time. I plan to build it and store it upstairs with the rest of my "dooms day" supplies. After I make it and try it and it warps, I'll cut off the top and find a chunk of Well casing at the metal recyclers.

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              That thing looks sweet.


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                That is neat looking!


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                  Originally posted by Willy View Post
                  I have to agree with Andy on this point. Controlling warpage on a carbon steel wood stove is difficult enough. Stainless steel has a far greater expansion ratio compared to carbon steel plus it's thermal conductivity is much less. These two qualities do not make it the best choice for use as a stove.
                  But hey give it a go if that's what's on the bench, go for it, maybe it will teach us all a lesson. But be forewarned so that there's no surprises.

                  That's a beauty Mel.
                  Hey you've proven we can all learn something new every day. It must have something to do with the stainless being anointed multiple times with beer...yeah that's it!
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                    Originally posted by vpt View Post
                    Enough humidity over time will many times cause the flux to flake off.

                    Lucky, or I would guess you live in a dry area?
                    Hahaa, yer right. No, I live 10 miles from the west coast in a low land. Its humid.

                    The packs are foil wrapped and not all exposed like for the picture. It was had enough for me to get in there with a phone camera to take the pic.

                    The flux is secure and firmly attached. And I know what you are talking about. I have had some 7018 with the flux layer very degraded. The flux is firmly attached and the wire is straight.

                    I only warm it before welding to heat the core. Slightly. Its an old electric counter top oven. 230 degrees an hour prior. Works like a charm.

                    All other welding is inside with gas. I only use the stick for outside welds. That is why I have this old stick LOL. No outside jobs.

                    Umm the 316l stick was not cheap. It has a nice flux. I dont know its make up. The carton should say what it is?

                    With that? I would not. I would TIG process but would not make a burn barrel out of a thin keg. A SS three foot dia PIPE?? Yes..

                    Yes, stick weld SS, it does work. JR