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OT: A good one, Chrome being "push installed".

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    Originally posted by ed_h View Post
    Who runs Linux as their primary OS?
    I do. For over 20 years.

    When I need windows for an important application, I run a corporate edition of win7 or xp in a virtual machine (virtualbox). It does not have access to the network. If I need to try or use a 'new' windows app, I install it in a new virtual machine so it cannot interfere with my other key apps.

    If I want to try a new version of linux, I install it in a vm. Etc.

    Web browser auto update under linux? That is not allowed - they do not have the ability to write to anything except the download directory.


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      I like Chrome, it is my go-to browser. Still use I.E. sometimes. Never really loved Firefox, though I don't have anything against it.

      I don't believe anyone mentioned Unchecky (, which automatically unchecks the pre-checked boxes in an installation and warns you if you check them. It's small, light and unobtrusive. I install it for all of my elderly clients, helps reduce the unintended crap that hitch-hikes in.

      I used and recommended AVG Free for years, until I encountered a root-kit on a client's machine that had gotten past and disabled AVG. I reinstalled AVG, but it couldn't find the virus. I then installed Avast Free, which immediately found and removed the offender. Used Avast until the upgrade offers and non-essential pop-ups (Warning! You have gunk in your browser!) caused too many unnecessary calls from clients. Switched to Panda Free, which I like and still use, though I am starting to switch to Bitdefender Free due to better ratings.
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        Pay? I have used the free Microsoft Defender (was "essentials") for years. No issues.