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  • Rolling stand for mill

    I want to be able to move my Grizzly mini knee mill around in the future but I don't have an engine hoist plus I wanted a few extra inches of height as I'm tall, so I decided to make a rolling stand to go underneath the cabinet/ base.

    got a 12ft stick of 3x2" tubing (14 or 16ga, can't remember) cut up at the scrapyard and loaded onto my bike

    squared up the inner pieces on my bandsaw, but dumbass that I am gave the scrapyard guy the wrong length for the other pieces and they ended up a couple of inches too short and not square, which caused problems later. Drilled ALOT of holes, made some angle brackets out of some bits of scrap I had and did a test fit

    feet came with the mill. I then added wheels, off a HF 1000lb dolly.

    had to trim the feet as I didn't take that into account when I placed the wheels!

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    now painted and reassembled

    mounted to the cabinet

    and all done

    also added a small shelf to the cabinet to help with organising whatever's going in there

    now need to wait for my friend to arrange the loan of his friend's engine hoist so I can put it all together. Seems to roll around ok with me on it, we'll see how well it goes with 800lb of mill on it. Total cost was ~$45 for metal and bolts, plus I now have quite a few spare 3/8-16 bolts..


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      Cool, looks like a leaf spring suspension


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        hopefully not too much, there isn't a great deal of clearance under the feet..


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          What happened to the HF shop crane you bought/were buying? I thought that was a done deal... Don't make me pull up all of the 100's of pictures I took of mine because I will if you don't order one ASAP..


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            that must have been someone else I did get a HF bandsaw though.. It'd be neat to have a shop crane/ hoist but I don't have any space for one. I'm struggling as it is in 1/2 a "two" car garage with 6 bikes, a mill, a drill press, a bandsaw and a bench lathe.


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              How do you transfer the weight from casters to feet?


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                there are nuts (inside and below the tube) on the studs screwed into the feet. Loosen off the ones inside the tube, screw the ones below away from the feet and the stand will rise. Then tighten the one inside the tube to give it a bit more stability. The nut underneath (between the tube and the foot) has a washer between it and the tube.

                It's pretty neat as you can also use that to roughly level the mill too.


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                  Clean job of it.

                  You seriously need a welder!


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                    thanks and no kidding! My dad laughed and said exactly the same thing This would have been a great justification for buying a welder but a) the wife would have killed me and b) I didn't want to learn on something that I was going to rely on to hold up a 800lb mill. Hopefully at some point in the future I'll get one..


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                      finally found an engine hoist to borrow and after a bit of fiddle farting around the wife and I got it up on its stand. We then rolled it more or less into position. Rolls surprisingly well given the weight and cheap as HF dolly wheels. Haven't jacked it off of the wheels yet as I still need to do some rearranging around the garage so it'll probably move a bit before I'm done.


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                        Cool, Is that black unit with a red button a public address microphone? What sorts of things do you announce when running the mill?


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                          ha, no that's a light that the previous owner ripped the guts out of. Making an LED replacement is on the list.

                          Most of the public announcements I make involve shouting garbled non-obscenities when something breaks or I hurt myself. No need for a microphone for those


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                            Originally posted by 3 Phase Lightbulb View Post
                            Cool, Is that black unit with a red button a public address microphone? What sorts of things do you announce when running the mill?
                            I'm sure glad I wasn't drinking anything....

                            And a hearty DITTO! ! ! to the idea that you need a welder. It's like Crazy Glue for metal workers ! ! ! !

                            Access to the feet studs through the hole in the end of the tube must be a real PITA. What about drill down from above so you can put a socket on an extension down the hole? Seems like it would make life a lot nicer. Or did I miss some other access path?


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                              If you have a spare one I wouldn't say no to it I'd love one but there are a bunch of things on the shopping list that'll I'll get more use out of, like a green card!

                              Those jacking studs aren't going to be that bad. The stand is raised of the wheels by turning the nuts underneath, between the foot and the stand. The nut inside is tightened down afterwards for a bit of extra support (or when the feet have to be kept raised to wheel it around). Plus a hole through the top four a socket, although it's a neat idea, would have to go through both the tube and the 1/4" plate. I don't think that would have really affected anything but it would have been tricky to do.