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  • Part Off blades HSS

    Can someone help me out these part off blades have been sitting around for a lifetime the trouble is there was never a holder for them now I need to thread away from a shoulder 1/2" UNF for a suppressor, So a rear tool post needed with the thought of using these blades, but the way it is ground and to my way of thinking the thicker part of the blade is the bottom, which kinda says it is not a part off blade or hasn't been ground or used for that purpose. The small angles are at 90 deg which I think is the bottom of the blade to sit in the tool holder the long side of the 90 deg leg would then sit perpendicular to the center line and the at the back of the toolholder ?

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    Obviously you need side clearance. So I'm going to assume that someone in the past ground that spot on the near end in error or for some other totally unrelated reason. That assumes that it really is a parting off blade. I know it looks that way but if it is then it's a style that is intended to be ground across the end to form the proper angles.


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      Thanks for that BCRider just didn't want to make a rear tool post holder if they are no good but I might as well as I'm going to use them for threading


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        I see the Photobucket nazis caught up with you. No pictures anymore. Just those silly update notices.