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Dimensions of BXA2 Style Tool Holders?

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  • Dimensions of BXA2 Style Tool Holders?

    When I saw that Shars was offering a 20% discount on Black Friday, I decided to buy a few new tool holders to go on my Aloris BXA quick change tool post. When they arrived, I was surprised to find that the 250-201 and 250-202 tool holders were a different size than my BXA2 tool holders. I also ordered 250-201XL and 250-202XL tool holders and it turned out that they have the same outside dimensions as the non XL tool holders. The only difference between the Shars XL and non XL holders is the height of the slot. I expected the XL holders to be longer, but not the non XL holders. I bought some 250-201 holders in the past from Enco and they were pretty much the same size as the Aloris items.

    In the picture, you can see the BXA2 holder on the left, the 250-202 holder in the center and the 250-202XL holder on the right.

    The BXA2 holder is 3” long, while all of the Shars holders are 3.5” long. The Shars holders are a bit narrower too: 1.12” vs. 1.2” for the Aloris holder.

    My question is: Have you experienced any problems because these tool holders are longer than a standard Aloris tool holder? Have you run into any situations where the extra length made it difficult to do something?

    Another thing that I found a bit strange is that the set screws are metric, but you need to use a 3/16” allen wrench. A 5mm wrench doesn't fit. I don't think that this matters to me, but it seems weird to have a metric socket head set screw with an inch size socket.

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    I have had no problems based on the length of the Shars holders. Since they locate on the dovetail, the extra length towards the chuck is only 1/4 inch.

    I don't have any Aloris BXA holders to compare with. The .08 thinner may make it able to get into places the Aloris can't get into?

    Aloris has the dimensions for the holders in their catalog. I'm not sure whether the minor differences are deliberate or not. If they are deliberate, it might be to avoid conflict with a design patent.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.