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Tried a different brand of Facemill inserts

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  • Tried a different brand of Facemill inserts

    Some Iscar SEKT 43 AFR-HM in their IC630 grade-

    Running them in a Shars R-8 shank 2" Indexable endmill/facemill

    1100 rpm .006"/rev .200" DOC in Hot rolled 1018 plate-

    These inserts were pretty deceptive about how much HP they required as the feed pressure required was almost nothing.So little it was surpsing,I mean one finger on the crank easy.About four passes at those numbers tripped the reset on our 2hp B-port VS head mill,the 2hp step pulley clone ran it the rest of the job at those same numbers and never blinked.

    These inserts I picked up off Fleabay for $75/10 pack,good thing too,they retail for $18 each new
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    I can bog my mill down anyday with my SEKT facemill. Also show up any tramming deficiency or sloppy gibs real fast.

    Does you step-belt have motor overloads? I've seen very few that do. That's where are VFD is nice - it is the overload and you can monitor the current.


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      Both mills have those magnetic type manual contactors before the drum switch so yes.The clone is actually a 2hp single phase motor and in theory anyway should offer a bit less availible power than it's three phase cousin.
      I just need one more tool,just one!