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Smithy 1340 Max Workbench Build

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  • Smithy 1340 Max Workbench Build

    Part one, I will have part two up tomorrow.
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    Part 2 of the Smithy workbench build.


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      Wow. That's a lot of work. Nicely done.
      At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

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        How did those adjustable legs work out? It looks like they wobbled like crazy once they took the weight off the casters.


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          Originally posted by 3 Phase Lightbulb View Post
          How did those adjustable legs work out? It looks like they wobbled like crazy once they took the weight off the casters.
          You are correct, they do have a wobble. I plan to add a set screw or bolt to each outer leg to lock them down. I currently have the bench all the way down to prevent any wobble


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            Final video of the bench build.


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              You've done a great job on this build and I really like your method for moving it around

              Now for the "but...". Those if us with bench top lathes even up to the 14x40 sizes have found that the lathe needs to be "twisted" back to true. Or more accurately that it needs to be UNtwisted back to true and supported in that position by the base/bench. And that process relies on a stable and consistent base. Now you CAN get that with your movable base but I think you're going to find that the adjusters are going to end up needing to be locked into position so it can't weeble wobble around. A bolt through the sidewall of the upper portion pushing the inner tube diagonally into the corner should accomplish that. Tighten just enough to stop the wobble, use the legs to adjust the lathe for trueness then pinch the bolts a little tighter to lock them.

              The other catch is that every time you want to move the lathe you will upset this calibrated leg position and have to retest and true up your machine. So be sure you like where it is and won't move it often.

              The upside is that if/when you DO need to move it for some reason it will sure be a handy feature! ! ! ! And with a little practice and having a test bar handy you can actually get it really close quite quickly with a little practice. And nailing it down to just a tenth or two per inch only takes a touch longer.
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                Do smithy owners typically need to level their machines?


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                  My lathe is bolted to a big piece of channel iron, a tip Evan told me to do. 99% of my lathe work occurs at the chuck, never checked my lathes level.