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Rupnow's thread "Back to steam" being converted to a book, want your permission

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  • Rupnow's thread "Back to steam" being converted to a book, want your permission

    Brian Rupnow did a thread from September 4'th to late November titled "Back to Steam". In that thread he chronicled the building of a two cylinder reversing steam engine from bar stock. I thought it was pretty impressive - not only from the machining point of view but the photographs and the amount of detail (along with measured drawings, etc). So, somewhere in the middle I said

    "It would be a shame if all this information were to be lost to future machinists. Somebody should make this into a book"

    Brian said

    "Thanks for volunteering"


    So, I've done it. It's currently 145 pages long, and when Brian includes the complete set of measured drawings it will be 185 pages long. Before I started work Brian and I agreed that he can ask for donations/sell the book for 1 year. On Jan 1 2019 it goes into the public domain under the Creative Commons 4.0 license. I want to make sure it stays around and gets circulated.

    We've gotten permission from The Home Shop Machinist to publish the text and photos that appeared here, so that end is good. Now, for your part. I have kept some of the discussions. I didn't include the numerous comments on the order of "Good job" and "can't wait", but I did include many of the comments that led to discussions that helped explain the machining content. The people whose comments are included are:
    • 10KPete
    • 3 Phase Lightbulb
    • aostling
    • Arcane
    • awemawson
    • baz
    • BCRider
    • bob_s
    • Cuttings
    • Dan Dubeau
    • danlb
    • Duffy
    • Erich
    • J Tiers
    • JCHannum
    • Jim H
    • Mcgyver
    • Norman Bain
    • RB211
    • Rich Carlstedt
    • RichR
    • Seastar
    • sid peleski
    • Sparky_NY
    • Stepside
    • TGTool
    • The Artful Bodger
    • Toolguy

    I would like to get permission from you guys to use your comments in the book. If I can't get them, then I'll have to paraphrase the comment and remove the original text.

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    Dan you have my permission.



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      My permission hereby granted.

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        You don't need to ask me twice, permission granted.


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          You have my permission to use my contribution without restriction in your book, with the stipulation that I get 1% of the gross royalties for any major motion picture based on the book. And George Clooney is to play me.

          What George did in the past was to ask people if they preferred to use handles or real names. I'd like my name in at least 1 more book before I pass on.

          At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.


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            Originally posted by danlb View Post
            ... major motion picture based on the book. And George Clooney is to play me.
            Movie? In that case, I want Bill Murray to play me. Unless it's animated, then I want Bender from Futurama to play me making frequent use of his
            "Bite my shiny metal ass" catch phrase.


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              Permission granted.
              Allan Ostling

              Phoenix, Arizona


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                Permission granted


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                  You have my permission. But, I want to play myself in the movie.


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                    A-O-K with me captain. You have my permission. Movie? I'd like Jim Carrey to play my part.
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                      Okay by me.



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                        i'm fine with it


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                          You have my permission.
                          I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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                            I'm good with it. You can use my Toolguy handle and real name - Warren Moore. Great idea, Thanks to Dan and Brian. Both have put a lot of time and effort into this.


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                              You have my permission. John Wayne to play me.
                              Jim H.