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Opinions on Acer lathes?

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  • Opinions on Acer lathes?

    Curious if anyone has any thoughts about Acer lathes? I might be buying a 1440G lathe soon and was wondering what people thought of their quality? It's a Tawainese machine, so I'm thinking it'll definitely be a step above a Grizzly or similar Chinese model. They're definitely more expensive than Chinese equivalents, so I assume it's a better product.

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    I have a Dynamic 1440G Acer lathe. It is very precision and high quality. Very heavy duty industrial grade. I have a DRO on mine and can easily hold any tolerance I need to. Highly recommend this one.
    Kansas City area


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      If I was to buy a Lathe from Chinese, or Taiwanese sources , I would pick the Acer First. Top notch castings of Meehanite Iron and superb finishing. Good Choice !

      Green Bay, WI


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        Friends have a Acer lathe, very nice to run and well built. I have a Acer 6 x 18 surface grinder and it is very good, also. I think a good choice.


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          You can tell a great deal about a 14x40 lathe from the weight. They vary from 1500 to 3500 pounds. Which one do you think is more solid and rigid?

          I once owned a 14" YAM lathe. Thing was very heavily built. The company that bought it originally paid over $14k in '80s dollars. Absolutely no comparison with the cheapos.

          I like my Nardini but I wish I hadn't sold that YAM.



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            Thanks for the replies everyone. Sounds like the 1440 is a great lathe, which is certainly what it appears to be. Hope to have it following me home very soon. And metalmagpie I inderstand what you're saying, but this lathe weighs the same as a Bridgeport which is at the very upper end of my ability to deal with it logistically moving around and storage-wise in my shop. So hopefully this machine will be more than an amateur hack like me will ever really need, which I'm pretty sure it will be. Thanks a again all for the help.


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              Well I bought the lathe, very happy to have it in my garage now. A hack like me doesn't deserve a nice lathe like this! Here's a few pics...


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                Very nice and congratulations on your acquisition.
                Location: Long Island, N.Y.