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Shop-built vise from railroad track

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    They laid the tracks through this town almost 150 years ago and sometime since then the original rails have been lifted and used for all manner of things, frames for station buildings (especially platform shelters), fences, cattle yards and no doubt quite a few anvils as well!


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      Originally posted by metalmagpie View Post
      Around here if you show up with a bunch of railroad steel the scrap yards won't touch it. They say that steel belongs to the railroad.
      I was just talking scrap steel price in general. I've been told they won't take it too.

      Originally posted by CarlByrns View Post
      That is pretty cheap.
      Yep. They don't pay squat for scrap metal. I suppose that's why I can buy drops at my local steel vendor for around 50¢ a pound. Less for larger quantities.
      *** I always wanted a welding stinger that looked like the north end of a south bound chicken. Often my welds look like somebody pointed the wrong end of a chicken at the joint and squeezed until something came out. Might as well look the part.


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        Originally posted by Bob La Londe View Post
        Last time I checked local scrap yards were only paying 8¢ per pound for steel. They were charging local buyers and scrap pickers 30-50¢ depending on how much they bought. That's less than $30 at scrap prices. Some mills might pay more in large lots because its a known grade of steel, but in a world where sometimes companies scrap machines worth thousands of dollars it not out of the scope of possibility.
        Here, the rate is 5 cents a pound for the junk yard buying and 25 cents if you buy from them. I just last week bought a 20hp onan engine in mint shape with only 880 hours and a onan generator also in mint shape. I'm lucky that some of the yards here still let you buy from them. I moved here from Rochester NY about 5 years ago and none of the yards there would sell to anyone. (even employees in some cases)