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  • Lathe give away here is the link to my latest video
    first off this forum has been on of my bigersupourters thankyou all so much. This is my response to Keith Rucker of vintage lathe give away video. if i win this lathe i think ill give it a fixing up it deserves and then give it away to one of my subscribers . Pay it forward !

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    When I click on that link, it goes to 2 of my videos. You may want to recheck it.


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      You're linking to your video within the YouTube video manager.

      Here is the correct link:


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        Gave away a Monarch CY this summer, hadn't run for awhile but everything turned & shifted as it should with no funny noises. It was only 30" between centers probably a ships lathe. Wouldn't scrap it so I thought if I was going to give it away find a young man that needed it & he thinks it's good as gold so it went to the right home.
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