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Insert, inserts, inserts which one do I need?

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  • Insert, inserts, inserts which one do I need?

    The local auction had a Kennametal a24-ndlpl4 boring bar. 12 dollars.
    It also has flood cooling up the center. I needed a strong bar due to making a new backin plate for a 3 jaw I pick up at the same auction.

    I am looking to for what insert this boring bar will use. It is a thin diamond style.
    I looked on the Kennametal site and I cannot find any iinfomation.

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    DP.432 inserts should work. Here you can look at DPGR432 in different grades. I could not see in the picture if the shim is there. If not it should be SM414 with a SM111 shim screw.


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      It has the shim, screw, and a hold down that is a rocker type? One side rests on the insert and the other on the boring bar with a screw in the middle. I have not used this type. I very new to insets but starting tto real like them. Trying to learn sizing and uses, hardness, chip, and angles... There is just so much to learn.

      I am headed out to the shop and will get better photos.

      Thank You


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        Here is a picture of the pocket:


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          Here are the specs on the boring bar.

          Kennametal used to have some catalogs that showed the different grade inserts and what they were used for. The Kennametal Lathe Tooling KMTL lathe 4010 complete catalog was an old catalog and the only place I see it is here which is not the best. At least the first few pages that can be seen has some information. I have the pdf catalog but it is 29mb so pretty large. Section "D" would have the Top Notch Profiling Tool inserts and tooling with all the speed, feed, type of cut info.
          There is some other inserts from a different manufacturer here (bottom row left Top Notch DPGR). Look at DPGR432.
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            If you want to use these inserts for other purposes, Kennametal do NDLPR 204D (right hand) and NDLPL 204D (left hand), these have 1 1/4" shanks, so only fit large lathes. Kennametal likely make them with smaller shanks also.