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OT: Screen shots in Windows

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  • OT: Screen shots in Windows

    I found that the PrintScr key on my new keyboard does not work. Hopefully I can get it replaced (I've contacted the seller) but meanwhile I found other ways to do it.

    The usual method is to click the PrintScr key, which saves the screenshot (entire screen) to the clipboard, so you can use Ctrl-V (or Paste) to insert it into a program like Paint. Alt-PrintScr saves just the active window. Supposedly there is also a Pictures>Screenshots folder where it is stored, but I could not find it on my Win8 machine.

    There is also a "snipping tool" that allows selection of a specific region of the screen. It is located in Windows Accessories. It also provides some editing and annotating tools.

    Another useful tool is the on-screen keyboard, with which I was able to use Alt-PrtScn to capture a screenshot. But it also includes itself, so its usefulness is compromised.

    Also, in my search, I found some useful information on Windows keyboard shortcuts:

    And there is a utility called ""Screenprint Platinum" that can be used to set hotkeys for various functions such as PrintScr.

    I was going to try using Delphi to make a utility that would use a keyboard hotkey to provide the screen print function. I did something like that a long time ago under MSDOS where it hooked on the keyboard interrupt and changed the function of a specific key. It was a TSR (terminate and stay resident) program.

    BTW, this new keyboard sometimes seems to not respond to the spacebar when I'm typing fast, but I think it's because I hit the bar too high. And the Insert key does not seem to toggle the mode - it stays in insert mode and doesn't go into type-over mode.

    Merry Christmas, One and All!
    Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
    USA Maryland 21030

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    Merry Christmas!!

    #include <windows.h>
    void main(void) 
    INPUT key_event;
       // Zero out all struct members   
       memset(&key_event, 0, sizeof(key_event));
       // Setup a keyboard input event
       key_event.type = INPUT_KEYBOARD;
       // Setup virtual key for PrtScr = VK_SNAPSHOT;
       // Setup key down (already 0 from memset but just for clarity here) = 0;  
       // Insert virtual key down event into Windows keyboard FIFO   
       SendInput(1, &key_event, sizeof(key_event));
       // Setup key release event = KEYEVENTF_KEYUP;
       // Insert virtual key up event
       SendInput(1, &key_event, sizeof(key_event));
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      I've used snip for years. Perfect.


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        Try alt/screen print or cont/screen print...


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          Snipping tool is easier to use and more versatile l. I keep it pinned on my "taskbar" for ready use.

          Grantham, New Hampshire


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            Wow! I opened this thread up and thought I stepped into a time warp. All this was available in Windows 7 released in 2009. Where have you guys been?


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              I just never had reason to use anything else than the PrintScr key until now, where that key on my new keyboard is either dead or sends the wrong code. It maybe that the ribbon cable is not properly seated in the connector. It seems that the keyboard consists only of switches and LEDs. I might code a utility to display the key code for each key as it is pressed. Thanks for the code, 3 Phase!
              Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
              USA Maryland 21030


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                I have used ScreenShot Capture 4.21.1. It is free or if you feel inclined you could donate to the cause. It will capture any where you scroll your mouse to select the screen and then let you annotated the capture. I have used the snipping tool in Win7 but LOVE screenshot much better. Happy Holidays to all!


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                  Command shift 4. Allows you to draw a box for what you want to capture. Oh wait, that’s for OS X.


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                    For image grabs from the internet, I use an add-on called Screengrab in Firefox.