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Lodge and Shipley lathes 16in Looking at buying to fix up.

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  • Lodge and Shipley lathes 16in Looking at buying to fix up.

    Looking at picking up a Lodge and Shipley 16in lathe to restore. Business is closing and the lathe was bought but not used.

    Story says goes he has all the parts. One photo chuck and tool post are not in the photo. Looks to be rusted.

    Any thought of what good price would be? Anything I should look at before putting money on it? Any one have a link to a manual?

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    That looks like light surface rust which would be easy to clean up and not do much to affect the accuracy but I'd want to look at it rather closely to decide that it wasn't pitted in some critical area. If you lack a lathe it would be worth more than if you have one and are thinking of this being an upgrade. Find out what it would be worth as scrap and then get your look in and from there decide on a price that would make sense.


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      A good price in Pahoa, Hawaii isn't the same as a good price in Springfield, Mass or Detroit, Mi.
      Oulawspeeder, since you've never posted you location, who knows what a good price for you?
      Is the machine powered up? Did you pop the top on the headstock? Any broken gear teeth? Gouged ways, ridges worn on the Vee ways? Sign that the lathe has been abused?


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        Someone should save that lathe. Lodge & Shipley's of that era are great lathes, and it would be an excellent for restoration. You would potentially be polishing a gem, not a sow's ear. A lot of that could be dirt and not rust.

        That looks like some variation on a model A. John Oder on the PM forum is extremely knowledgeable on those machines. Post a message over there on the old American iron board, or drop him a PM.

        How far is it from you? Have you looked at it yet? Where are you? Location is key to determine price, and also alternatives. Price should be around scrap or below (someone has to haul it and the scrap firm needs to make money on it). Is Sunbelt near you to rent you a cheap drop-deck trailer?

        If you visit the lathe take tons of photos, of every part. There is a lot you'll miss on a visual inspection, and photos are key. Looks like the lights are out at the business, so take a good LED flashlight with even illumination ('camera' flashes these days often don't do much).

        That is an L1 spindle mount. The spindle mounting faces are currently exposed to rust. That is a concern. If the spindle bearings are good, it can be touched up on the lathe with an appropriate grinder. Of course you wouldn't want to mount anything on it until the rust is at least removed.

        When inspecting, avoid dragging the sliding parts through rust, which will abrade and embed. If the surfaces are dirty and rusty they won't slide well anyway. Take a tarp and take some oil. Once you make your deal, brush or spray everything, tailstock bore, spindle bore. Tarp it, tie a rope or bungie around the base. That will give a bit of protection until you can haul it. There is probably no heat in that dark building.


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          Originally posted by outlawspeeder View Post
          Story says goes he has all the parts. One photo chuck and tool post are not in the photo. Looks to be rusted.
          I think that might be a chuck in the chip tray leaning against the right side of the pedestal:
          Location: Long Island, N.Y.


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            I am in St Louis and it is four / five hours. I have not gone to look at "yet". It is a craigslist list ad. I have a lathe, Grizzly G9249. Looking to for something bigger and stronger.

            Gllug, Great thought, Photos are great. Due to the distance, I am hoping the owner (son of owner) will send photos. Need to find out if they can load? and how much it weighs? I have a 7000 pound trailer. At home I have a 2 ton hoist to unload. When I bought my Bridgeport it was loaded by hand as parts. Not sure if the lathe can be broken down.
            I would have bought it if it was scrap price.

            reggie_obe: I would think any lathe there would be very costly.

            RMinMN: I do have a lathe.

            The good thing about this is it is located in Bourbon country. My wife loves going to that area. Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, Markers Mark, Wild Turkey... If I don't get it I may not care if we ride that trail: If you have the time, it is one thing we still do well in the states.


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              Are you looking at the 14" or the 16" lathe? One normally doesn't expect to get much machine for $1000.
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                I bet that L&S is 5000 - 6000 lbs they are no lite weight a 2 ton hoist is not enough ken


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                  They are a great lathe, but that one looks rough. for sure less <1000 imo. If it was loaded with tooling - all chucks, steadies, collets, taper attachment etc I'd look past condition and view it as a great candidate for reconditioning. If wasn't loaded with tooling, I would pass......rough shape and limited tooling is a double whammy and a definite pass imo. One in rough shape with lots of tooling will come along soon enough
                  in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                    I would be surprised if it weighed under 4000 lbs.
                    Looks like it may cleanup well similar but longer one for sale on a bike forum for 6K asking,, ready to use
                    14 x60 weighed close to 6000, said it had z 2 inch spindle bore.
                    Check spindle bore and minimum and Maximum speed if you plan on getting it.


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                      I bet you can get it for scrap price as most home shops want a smaller shinier easier to move machine. Very well could be a real winner. Talk to the owner/user if possible & ask what else they have. I called on a Bridgeport & bought 32 working machines, an entire working shop for $1500 plus got literal tons of parts & other machines taken apart for painting, repair, etc.


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                        What Flylo said...

                        But careful even with a "cheap lathe"... it might end up the most expensive you bought. What does one cost in good condition? Maybe $3-5k "tooled" in many parts of the county. Easy to drop thousands in to one (price a set of spindle bearings for example) or it be come a huge paperweight occupying all your precious shop space that you will eventually pay to have it hauled away.

                        Having said that, IF the condition is cosmetic, much of what it will take is a lot of you time. Check the spindle and gear box. Just removing access covers to inspect the oil will tell you a lot. If it's rusty inside, oil full of junk etc, seriously consider why you are buying it.
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                          I have a reprint of an earlier Lodge and Shipley catalog and the weight of a 16" geared head lathe is listed at 2650. However this lathe has right and left bolt on sets of legs, not the heavy castiron bases and chip pan of this lathe. My guess 4-5000 lbs. Your trailer will know it has something but will probably do it. To move put 4 4x4s or 4x6s under the base front to back extending 6 or 8" out from the base to get a wider base, and bolt to lathe base. Then run 4x6s length way for runners or to roll on rollers. Hope it is in good condition and you end up getting it.


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                            Apparently that Large & Shapely weighs about 6100.

                            Parts and operators manuals for model A:



                            "In the August '47 bulletin that includes the Model A, the 16" with 30" centers is listed at 6100 with 340 lbs for each additional two feet of bed."


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                              I would hate to have to tear it down in place. I have in the past. I moved my Bridgeport that way when the guy I bought it from had a blown line on his tractor. That was not fun. This is a big shop shutting down. I would hope they still have a hoist, fork lift, or some form of a levitation machine that could float this on to my trailer.

                              I figure I'll pull all the small parts... Chuck, tooling, tail stock... Load that in the back of the truck. I thinking the plan was to take the both and build one. My fear is there is something wrong with both...

                              RichR Thank You, The email I got back told me the shop was shutting down.

                              Due to work I will not get to look at this till mid next month. Its been listed for a month now. I don't think it is going anywhere... if it does, it was not meant to be.

                              Thank you all for the input. I learn so much every time I come to this site.